Updated Preferred Partner Program Highlights ATS Integration With Talent Solutions Products

September 16, 2019

Finding and hiring the right talent is a big challenge. While recruiters rely on technology and multiple tools to make this task easier, switching between multiple systems can be arduous and time consuming. To help solve this pain point, LinkedIn Talent Solutions works closely with other recruiting software providers to integrate our products and streamline the end-to-end recruiting process.

Through the years, we have worked with different Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to create seamless integrations to make the hiring process more efficient. We are thankful for these partnerships and are excited to relaunch the updated LinkedIn Talent Solutions Preferred Partner Program with more partners and new integrations. 

The ATS partners in this program have demonstrated scaled success in delivering a set of integrations that help you maximize the value of your LinkedIn products. Working with an LTS Preferred Partner will help ensure that your ATS works seamlessly with LinkedIn’s most important products. Your recruiters, hiring managers, and talent professionals can now access data in various systems more easily, making them more efficient and productive. 

Here are a few benefits of integrating your ATS with LinkedIn Recruiting products:

  1. Save time and streamline your workflow between LinkedIn Recruiter and your ATS by using Recruiter System Connect (RSC). With everything you need in one place, get ready to save 3+ hours a week, eliminate duplicate outreach, and ensure accuracy across systems.
  2. Host your job application process directly on LinkedIn, reducing candidate drop-off, and delivering a mobile-friendly experience to candidates. Customers who have implemented Easy Apply experience up to two times the number of applications without sacrificing quality.
  3. Enable candidates to use their LinkedIn profile information to apply to jobs via your organization’s career site. Customers who have implemented Apply With LinkedIn see higher conversions of their website traffic and create a better experience for their candidates.

We’re looking forward to continuing to work closely with our Preferred Partners on solutions that deliver even more value for our customers and members. Stay tuned.