Get to Know Job Candidates Better and Faster with LinkedIn’s New Video Intro

April 30, 2020

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It can be hard to know if a candidate is the right fit for a role simply by reviewing a resume, and it can be even harder to get a feel for who might be right for a position when you are sorting through hundreds of candidate profiles. And, in today’s virtual environment where the majority of the interview process has moved online, streamlining the hiring process to help fill critical roles quickly is essential. 

We found that 92% of talent professionals report that soft skills are equally or more important to hire for than hard skills. To help you find quality candidates with the soft skills you need and facilitate a more efficient hiring process, we’re globally testing a new video intro feature that helps you evaluate a candidate’s communication and soft skills prior to the first live interview. With video intro, once you receive applications for a job posting, you can invite the most qualified candidates to answer up to two questions from a list of options that include questions, such as “Tell me about yourself,” “What is your greatest strength?,” and “Describe your most challenging project.” Candidates can choose to submit their answers via quick video recording or written response. 

Recruiter Experience

Job seeker experience

This new feature creates an opportunity for candidates to showcase their skills, experience, and provide a more well-rounded human view of who they are. We want to help boost candidates' confidence, rather than create added pressure, so we've made the feature optional and given candidates the ability to re-record their answers as often as they wish before submitting.

Here’s a closer look at how video introductions can help you start to identify the right quality candidates faster: 

Develop a more holistic and human view of the candidate quickly

Your first conversation with a candidate is a great opportunity to get to know if the skills on paper align with practical experiences, and how their personality can add to your company culture. Although invaluable, each conversation takes time and limits who you speak to based upon what you see on paper; whereas other qualified candidates might be a stronger match if you had an opportunity to get to know them a little better. Video introductions allow you to learn more about a candidate’s motivations, communication style, and soft skills at an early stage, saving time and enabling you to develop a more complete and human view of a candidate’s application, beyond work experience or education. 

Assess soft skills sooner and more easily

Assessing soft skills has become a business imperative. Although 80% of companies believe that soft skills are increasingly important to company success, they are notoriously hard to assess. For example, this year, emotional intelligence emerged as one of the most in-demand soft skills, but is near impossible to assess based on a job application alone. Video introductions allow you to ask questions that can start to uncover these key soft skills early in the application process, giving you the opportunity to spend more time on the most qualified candidates. 

In early testing, we found this feature to be helpful in hiring for roles in which soft skills are of great importance, like sales and business development. 

How to start video intros?

There are a few ways you can set up this feature if you are participating in the test: 

  • Add video intro to your job post. On the last page of the posting process, you will have the option to add video intro to the job posting. 
  • Set up video intro in your settings. You can also set up video intro at any time under “Project Settings” in New Recruiting & Jobs (NRJ). 
  • Invite individual applicants. When looking through your applicant list, you can select “invite to video intro” under the “...” overflow action menu. If you do not yet have a video intro set up, you will be prompted to set one up to complete the invite.  

We will test this new feature in a rolling process with our global customers using New Recruiter and Jobs, and we look forward to your feedback on how it helps you source and hire candidates faster during these challenging times. 

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