New, Free Ways to Share That You’re Hiring

October 29, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has massively disrupted our global economy and workforce. More than 140 million are out of work and another 1.6 billion are at risk of income loss, while many businesses are having to seek new and creative ways to keep the doors open.  

As our vision is to create economic opportunity, our goal is to help those affected by the pandemic take the next step forward in their career. That’s why we’re focused on equipping job seekers with the tools they need to connect to open roles and the help of their community, such as an #OpenToWork profile photo frame that signals to hirers they are available for job opportunities. 

In parallel, we’re focused on helping our customers – and anyone hiring – get more visibility for their open roles in the most seamless and cost effective way.  We’ve recently introduced two new features  to help those hiring more easily share job opportunities and reach LinkedIn’s community of more than 722 million people. These new features --  #Hiring and free job postings -- will help employers more easily find and hire talent while boosting the volume and visibility of open opportunities for job seekers. 

Easily signal that you’re hiring, right from your profile

The first new feature, #Hiring, allows hiring managers to share right from their profile that they are hiring. This was inspired by members who found creative ways to share open roles, such as by adding “I’m Hiring” to their LinkedIn profile headline. They realized that sharing on their profile was an easy and effective way to let their network know they have jobs to fill and to reach potential candidates.

Learning from our members’ creativity, we’ve built this new feature to let you easily share with your network that you are hiring by adding a #Hiring photo frame to your LinkedIn profile photo and listing your open jobs right on your profile. You also have the option to share proactively with your networks by adding a post with the #Hiring hashtag.

Whether you’re a hiring manager at a Fortune 500 company or the owner of a five-person business, you can now get the word out about your open jobs more easily, and job seekers can identify quickly  those who are actively hiring.

Post a job for free

Beyond #Hiring, we've now made it free for employers to post a job on LinkedIn. This feature will be available to all LinkedIn members, and it is particularly valuable for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) as they continue their recovery and compete for qualified talent. We recently found that the share of SMB job applications has risen 25% since March 2020, suggesting candidate interest in SMBs is increasing. These free job postings will help SMBs more easily signal their open roles and fill their in-demand positions, in spite of any tightened recruiting budgets.

These new capabilities and features will help LinkedIn customers efficiently reach the right talent for their needs throughout the COVID-19 economic recovery. And, by bringing more jobs onto the platform and making them more visible, they’ll also help job seekers more easily connect to opportunities. Both of these features are being rolled out now and will be available to LinkedIn members globally by end of year.  We’re committed to helping connect talent to opportunity and look forward to sharing more news in the future.

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