12 Songs That Speak to Recruiters

November 20, 2015

The critics have completely misjudged Adele.

They are lauding her new song, Hello, for allegedly being about wanting to reconnect with a former love. But, nothing could be further from the truth.

The truth is: It's about recruiting. Just look at the main chorus: “Hello, from the other side, I must’ve called a thousand times.”

It’s the perfect illustration of the talent acquisition professional’s daily struggle.

And, it got us thinking: What other songs speak directly to recruiters? Surely, there has to be quite a few, right?

We were right. In fact, after scouring the web, we found 12 songs for 12 scenarios recruiters face on a daily basis.

Specifically, we have a song for:

1. When you are sending an InMail

Sending an InMail is hard. You put yourself out there, tell a candidate you are interested in them and then can only sit back and pray it works out.

Just like what Carly Rae Jepsen had to go through.

2. When the candidate has spelling errors on their LinkedIn profile

As the song says, they “really need a full-time proof reader.” Or, at least a freelance one who can look over their profile quickly.

3. When the candidate just isn't the one

Hate to be mean, but if a candidate doesn’t have it, they just don’t have it. Sometimes, you just have to cut your losses.

4. When the candidate is a bit too proud of himself or herself

Ever have someone who has all the skills you are looking for in a position, and sort of knows that a little too well? As in, perhaps they have a bit of an elevated perception of themselves?

Well, Beyoncé knows that feeling. In her song “Irreplaceable,” she makes it clear that while the candidate may think they are great, she knows working for her company truly is great. And she only wants people who appreciate that fact.

5. When a candidate rejects a job at your startup for one at a bigger company, only for your startup to make it big

It hurts when someone doesn’t want to take a job at your startup because they want the “safety and security” of a larger company. So, when your startup does make it big, you have to admit it.

6. When the hiring manager is breathing down your neck

Unrealistic timelines? Unhappy with every candidate? Sometimes there isn’t anything else you can do but shake it off.

7. The candidate who is so great, you don’t want them to leave the interview without an offer

Ever interview someone who is so perfect, you don’t want them to leave the interview room without accepting an offer? Well, Al Green gets that, and has just the song for you.

8. The candidate who strings you along for months, only to reject you at the last minute

Sometimes you spend months courting someone and finally it looks like they are going to join your company, only for them to change their mind at the absolute last second. If that happens to you, just turn up the Bob Dylan.

9. When you realize you love the people you work with

Recruiting can be a tough job. It makes it easier when you have a great team around you, who pick you up when things don’t go as planned. 

10. When you land the dream candidate

The interview goes great, the hiring manager is in love and the candidate, best of all, says yes to the offer. And now, like James Brown said, you feel good (because “I got you”), and deservedly so.

11. When you know you are killing it 

Candidates love you? Hiring managers have never been happier? Jobs have never been closed quicker?

Time to strut.

12. When you land someone the job of their dreams

While some of these lyrics might not be kosher, when you get a well-deserved candidate a job they truly love, you can't help but feel like a winner. 

*Image from Adele - "Hello"

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