7 Personality Traits of Extraordinary Recruiters

November 6, 2015

Recruiting is an important job. After all, any organization is only as strong as the people who work there. So, it’s critical to have a great talent acquisition team, which can bring in the best talent.

For that exact reason, it's a stressful job too. There’s a lot of pressure on recruiters to bring in those great people, and of course it's always a race against the clock.

What’s interesting though is to look at the people who have battled through that pressure to the point they stand out as top recruiters in the industry and analyze what they have in common. What we see most often is that they share the seven following characteristics:

1. They aren’t afraid of technology

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There’s more software for talent acquisition than seemingly any other industry out there. Great recruiters aren’t afraid of those tools and find the ones that make them most efficient.

2. They like meeting new people

A big part of a recruiter’s job is being a professional networker. For the best ones, this is one of their favorite parts of the job, as they love meeting new people.

3. They learn quickly

Recruiters have to learn about new jobs on a daily basis and then hold conversations with candidates about those jobs. The best ones learn quickly, and get the most out of those conversations.

4. They are persistent

A great recruiter doesn’t give up on the first 'no.' When they find great talent, they’ll go to any length to bring them in.

5. They stand up for themselves

Great recruiters know the difference between working with a hiring manager and for a hiring manager – and demand the former.

6. They know how to have fun

Recruiting is a stressful job. The best ones balance that out by having fun in their roles, too.

7. Most of all, they care about candidates

Great recruiters are great because they're passionate about getting people the jobs they deserve. There are few things in life more transformative than linking someone to a great opportunity, and the best recruiters know and appreciate that.

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