6 Job Seeker Tweets That Will Make You Chuckle

April 29, 2016

The first thing some people want to do after an unusual, daring or cringe-worthy job interview moment is pretend it never happened. Others just can't wait to announce it on social media.

One look at Twitter and it's clear that there are plenty of people in the latter camp. And to be honest, there is something incredibly refreshing and relatable about reading these social media confessions no matter whether you are a recruiter or a job seeker.

Here are some of the chuckle-inducing "I-just-went-on-a-job-interview" tweets we picked out for you: 

1. Hey, it’s nighttime somewhere!

2. Looks like the interviewer dissented to the answer.

3. Obvious follow-up question: “Is your weakness for crunchy or smooth?”

4. Hopefully, the job posting said: “Jeff Goldblum fans preferred.”

5. If the job requires a good multitasker, this guy’s a shoo-in!

6. When the company culture fits, you just know it. Hope she got it!

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