An Ode to Recruiters, in Puppy GIFs

August 5, 2016

Not many people fully appreciate the life of a recruiter. Every day is different, with a lot of high highs and low lows. One moment you’re hounding interviewers for feedback, the next you’re coaching a hiring manager who’s barking up the wrong tree, or otherwise dealing with a candidate whose salary expectations are too far-fetched. It’s a ruff life, but you wouldn’t have it any other way.

You work hard.

And as a recruiter, you're the ultimate care taker.


A cat-herder, looking out for your candidates, coworkers, and company all at once.


People have no idea how much of a corporate soap opera recruiting can be! 

Full of ups and downs.


Hard-to-fill reqs can be so tricky and haunt you for months. 

On-sites can go wrong in so many ways. 

And losing a candidate is the worst feeling ever. 

So if it's so difficult why do you do it? What makes you come into work every day and keep trying? 

Because your wins aren't just regular wins. Winning in your job means helping other people. 

You're helping them achieve their dreams, and grow the company you believe in. 

So on tough days, lean on your supporters. 


Remember that the company is lucky to have you. And that you've changed many lives. 


You job is unique that way, the result of your work is so closely tied to others' success. 

But it's what makes you love your job. And it's always worth it. 


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*Image by Keith Kissel

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