Police Department Searches for a New Boss with a Cheeky Recruiting Video

March 25, 2016

It’s official: police departments have a knack for coming up with hilarious ways to recruit.

Last month we told you about Philadelphia PD and their star prospect Kanye West.

Today, we have to give it up for the police at Hillsboro. When the local precinct in Oregon’s 5th largest city needed to hire a new chief, they decided to pull out the big guns. So the crafty policemen and women shoot a very informative, video giving their future boss a feel for the team and the community.

And what a video it is, packed with a high-intensity domestic disturbance, undercover agents, and drug-sniffing dogs. Hillsboro PD is not messing around.

Oh and congrats to Lee Dobrowolski who ended up being the lucky leader of this fun team.