Every Recruiter Has at Least One of These 5 Superpowers

April 17, 2018

As a recruiter, you’re constantly using your intuition, gadgets, and skills to save companies from a shortage of talent—and help candidates find their calling. While you may not wear a cape, that’s pretty heroic.

In fact, we think every recruiter is a superhero in their own right. That’s why we put together a list of five types of powers based on some of our favorite characters. The question is—which superhero personality do you have? Are you the Inspirational Leader, the Innovator, or one of the others? Let’s take a look:

1. The Inspirational Leader

T'Challa (aka the Black Panther) not only conquered the box office—he conquered our minds. He learns to make smart, thoughtful decisions, even when they’re hard—using his mind more than his muscles.

Like T'Challa, you are the recruiter who is a natural leader. You listen to your recruiting team and inspire them to challenge the status quo and push through adversity in order to find and hire the very best talent. And like the Black Panther, you help elevate your team and share your wisdom and learnings throughout the community—because you know that the only way to advance the talent acquisition industry is by sharing knowledge, not hoarding it.

2. The Innovator

As an innovator, you’re the Iron Man of recruiting, arming yourself with all the latest gadgets and tools to source, interview, and hire better.

Whether it’s exploring ways to bring in artificial intelligence (AI) to reduce bias or using virtual reality (VR) to bring your company culture to candidates, you’re always figuring out how to augment your hiring process with tech and how to help your company grow and innovate by finding the best people for a role.

3. The Culture Ambassador

No one can deny that Captain America loves where he’s from—I mean c’mon, his suit is a flag. Like Cap, you’re a brilliant ambassador for your brand, dedicated to showcasing your company culture and helping candidates see what an amazing workplace they’ll be joining.

People need someone to rally around, and that’s what you do best. You inspire other employees to get the word out about open positions and refer great talent from their network. So keep wearing your brand on your sleeve, super-recruiter—it suits you!

4. The Silver-Tongued Talker

Little-known fact about Wonder Woman: she’s gifted with omnilingualism, capable of speaking the same language as anyone she meets. You also possess the gift of the gab and always know how to speak a candidate’s language.

You’re highly attuned to a candidate’s unique motivations, values, and requirements and know just how to build your outreach and offers around these things. You might be talking to a millennial one moment and a baby boomer the next, making both feel listened to and understood. Fighting doesn’t make you a hero—excellent communication skills do. Now if only you could get hold of that golden lasso of truth...

5. The All-Seeing Guardian

Friend to Thor, Heimdall ensures that only those worthy of entering Asgard are allowed across its rainbow bridge. You might not have a big sword or a cool helmet, but you see all. Nothing gets past you—just like Heimdall, the Protector of the Realms. (Okay, he’s technically a god and not a superhero, but don’t let that go to your head.)

You’re extremely insightful in your search for quality candidates. And, you’re equally brilliant at spotting untapped potential as you are at rooting out the kinks on an applicant’s resume, and candidates can be sure they’ll get a fair and thoughtful evaluation from you.

You don’t need to fly or possess super strength to be a superhero. Keeping your recruiting skills sharp and exploring new ways to improve your process is a great way to be an everyday hero for your company and candidates.

*Image from Black Panther

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