Spotify Thinks Big and Crafts an Ambitious Job Description Targeting President Obama

January 12, 2017

President Obama just gave his farewell address to the nation, and is ready to go on a well-deserved holiday. However, Spotify has other, big plans for him.

The company’s CEO just tweeted out a job description, boldly aiming to snag the one candidate in the world whose skill set fits: President Obama.

Here is the tweet by the CEO:

And here is the entertaining, tongue-in-cheek description for the President of Playlists (admittedly the line about being able to curate “a celebratory, 'I just found my birth certificate' playlist” is just pure gold):

Spotify is not making a completely Hail Mary move here. This idea came about when President Obama admitted to the wife of the US Ambassador to Sweden that “I'm still waiting for my job at Spotify... Cuz' I know y'all loved my playlist."

The President is referring to his masterful curation of 2016 Summer playlist on Spotify:

As you can see, aside from showing a clear passion for the product, Obama has been an evangelist for the company and got Vice President Joe Biden to also become an avid user. Who wouldn’t want an employee ambassador like that in their company.

While we are yet to hear if the President has applied, this has turned out to be a very savvy employer branding move. The company has garnered impressive amounts of press, driving possibly millions of visitors to its job posting. Of course they have capitalized on the traffic by putting front and center Spotify’s passionate diversity creed...and not to mention the very obvious call out for readers to check out all available positions in the company:

Well played, Spotify! We cannot wait to hear how many job applications and hires you made from this clever move.

* Image by The White House

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