The 9 Candidates You'd Want to Hire After Watching the 2017 Super Bowl Ads

February 3, 2017

The Super Bowl—the NFL’s season-ending, winner-take-all event—attracts millions of viewers from across the globe. Some watch for the game, sure. But countless others show up for the other drama, unfolding onscreen between plays: the commercials. With airtime prices topping $5 million for 30 seconds, the ads have become a winner-take-all event, too.

But watch them through the lens of corporate recruiting, and something unexpected emerges. These ads—chock-full of celebrities, athletes, and unforgettable characters—are also a gold mine for all-star candidates.

If you’re looking to spice up your office culture with a dynamic new hire, look no further: here’s the cream of the crop from Super Bowl LI’s ads.

1. Your New Creative Director: Viola Davis

Looking back at their high school yearbooks, celebrities such as Tina Fey, Earvin “Magic” Johnson, and Viola Davis explore the power of dreams. (Honda)

Suggested role: Creative Director

Skills: Her high school peers may not have seen it coming, but that’s just who Viola Davis is: a visionary. As an inspirational leader who fearlessly breaks barriers, rouses with effortless grace, and knows how to craft a concise message that resonates, she’s everything you’d want in a Creative Director. 

2. Your New Global Communications Coordinator: Old Spice Jungle Hero

“I escaped sweat’s perfume on my body,” proclaims the Jungle Hero. It’s true, judging by at least one gorilla’s (literally) fatal attraction. This tale goes from the wilds of the jungle to a TED-like stage, where Jungle Hero shares his newfound wisdom. (Old Spice)

Suggested role: Global Communications Coordinator

Skills: On the TED-esque stage or in the jungle, our hero is driven to surviveConversant in multiple dialects, the Jungle Hero has a knack for understanding other cultures. For brands with diverse audiences, he can use his flair and remarkable drive to dodge crises, reposition messaging, forge partnerships—and drive mesmerizing action.

3. Your New CEO: Katie

Smitten with a girl named Katie, a young man attempts a flavorful twist on throwing rocks at her window. But Katie’s leadership skills and generosity leave the boy hanging. (Skittles)

Suggested role: CEO

Skills: Katie is a clear leader—and knows how to share the wealth. Unselfish in nature, she doesn’t hesitate to take the fruits of her labor and spread them amongst a team—to keep them driven and on the ball. As CEO, Katie could also leverage her business know-how to take advantage of unforeseen opportunities. After all, she’s familiar with the taste of success.

4. Your New Head of Production: Melissa McCarthy

In this clever series, comedic actor Melissa McCarthy saves the animals, as roadside assistance saves her. (Kia)

Suggested role: Head of Production

Skills: With trademark gusto, Melissa will stop at nothing to get the job done. When calamities strike, she takes it all in stride. She’s warm, fearless, and resourceful. All she needs is better luck.

5. Your New Sales Manager: Gronk

New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski runs a dry cleaning business that keeps your wardrobe fresh—while giving it that “Gronk” flair. (Tide)

Suggested role: Sales Manager

Skills: Gronk’s persuasive charm commands respect and makes him an ideal sales leader—he could probably sell a penny for a dollar. His versatility makes him an asset to any sales team, and he’s open to expanding his skillset through ongoing training. If you’re looking for an All-Pro with staying power and proven leadership skills, Gronk’s your guy.

6. Your New Project Manager: John Malkovich

Two-time Oscar nominee John Malkovich just wants to get his domain name. But it’s already been claimed by another John Malkovich. (Squarespace)

Suggested role: Project Manager

Skills: While perhaps not very tech-savvy, John Malkovich is sharp and willing to learn. His lack of patience and tendency to lash out may make him a liability in the office, but with the right team, he would run a tight and spirited ship—and eventually find his bearings.

7. Your New IT Project Manager: The Wix Chef

In a series of ads for the website platform, a chef builds a stunning website for his new restaurant, oblivious to the action-packed showdown unfolding around him. (Wix)

Suggested role: IT Project Manager

Skills: A driven self-starter, our intrepid hero won’t let anything—and we mean anything—stop him from getting the job done. He also adapts well to change, maintaining preternatural calm amidst chaos and making a strategic pivot when his old business model deteriorates. 

8. Your New Office Manager: Multitasking ‘Roo

While a yellow-suited spokesperson yammers, this kangaroo represents. For Yellow Tail, he pops up as wine connoisseur, short order cook, DJ, and lady magnet—with a come hither gaze all his own. (Yellow Tail)

Suggested role: Office Manager

Skills: This kangaroo exudes class; he’s the perfect blend of cool, approachable, and cuddly. He’s also a production machine, flipping burgers at lightning speed. His multiple skillsets and can-do spirit personify your company’s work-hard, play-hard culture.

9. Your New Sales Representative: Kellan Lutz

Actor-model Kellan Lutz auditions for the role of Mr. Clean. (Mr. Clean)

Suggested role: Sales Representative

Skills: Kellan is rejected for his salacious, less-than-clean activities (caught on video). But he doesn’t give up. He dons multiple characters in rapid succession, gunning tirelessly for the sale. His persistence is indefatigable. You want this guy on your team. (Note: Be sure to clearly spell out your workplace relationship policy.)

There will be a wide variety of characters on display during Super Bowl LI, but reaching out to these nine may be the difference between a fly-by-night candidate and a long-term match. So, keep your eye open during commercial breaks this year—your next hire may be closer than you think.

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