Watch Santa Interview for a Brand New (Corporate) Gig

December 12, 2017

Santa (aka Nicholas Claus) joined LinkedIn a few years ago and ever since then has been wondering if it’s time to broaden his professional experience. After all, everybody is talking about up-skilling and getting ready for the jobs of the future. But, also let’s be honest—his office is a little cold and the commute kind of sucks. Plus, Mrs. Claus runs the show anyway.

That’s why “Nick” is interviewing for a corporate gig as the Head of Toy Production. Obviously, he has the experience needed for the role, but he doesn’t want the recruiter to know who he is. So, he goes undercover—suit, corporate lingo, and all. New year, new Santa. Take a look:

We hope you all find some jolly good candidates this Holiday season (before taking a much deserved break).

Happy Holidays!

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