I Love It When Candidates Do These 8 Things

August 24, 2018

Sit back, close your eyes and picture the perfect candidate in your mind. What are they like? What makes them perfect?

Yes, obviously you want them to meet every desire on the hiring manager's wish list and accept the offer. But there are many more attributes that we recruiters dream of when working with candidates through the hiring process (and beyond). I personally love it when candidates do these 8 things – and I bet you do too. Wouldn’t our jobs be amazing if every candidate was like this?

1. They’re easy to find

An easy to find candidate has to be close to the top of the list of things recruiters love. I’m envisioning a candidate with a fully complete LinkedIn profile, personal website, active in discussions on social media, attends MeetUps, and speaks at conferences. And to top it off, their personal email is on their site and they’re open to InMails. Ahhh dreamy.

2. They fully complete applications

This is so simple and obvious, yet not too common. I appreciate that people want to fill out applications quickly, but it’s a nice surprise when a candidate takes the time to fill out every field, answer all the questions, and even write a personalized cover letter. The extra information allows you to better assess the application and saves you hassle down the line when completing offer paperwork. Thumbs up.

3. They introduce themselves to me directly

Recruiters are flooded with introductions all day long so this may seem like a strange one to include. But when candidates make an introduction directly, they show they’re really interested in the role and save the step of me reaching out to them. When the perfect candidate drops into my inbox, well, you just can’t beat it.

4. They respond quickly

Recruiters need to move fast. We pride ourselves on how quickly we can move candidates through the process and lowering the time to hire KPI. When your candidate understands this and, dare I say, responds the same day every time then you’re onto a winner.

5. They prioritize interviews

Scheduling interviews can swallow up your valuable time like a black hole and it can be rage inducing when a candidate isn’t willing to be flexible with their calendar to interview. When a candidate is free for an interview anytime, anywhere, it makes life oh so simple.

6. They’re honest with me

Recruiters are tough, we can handle the truth. Got an offer from a competitor? That’s good to know, we can move fast. Looking for more compensation? I’ll talk to finance and see what’s possible. Not interested in the position? No worries, let’s keep in touch. Dishonesty just makes things difficult and can burn bridges.

7. They help me find more candidates

Awesome candidates refer awesome candidates. But sometimes getting referrals from people is like harvesting blood from a stone. It’s refreshing when candidates give you too many (awesome) referrals to handle.

8. They say thank you

And lastly, it’s always nice to be thanked. Am I right?

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