12 Gifts Recruiters Really Want This Holiday Season

December 20, 2019

You appreciate your recruiters. They work hard to bring great talent to your organization — without them, your business probably couldn’t exist. And the holiday season is the perfect time to let them know just how valued they are.

A thoughtful gift shows your recruiters that their efforts are truly valued, which can help to boost their engagement and motivation. And, with recruiter retention becoming a hot-button issue, that can make a big difference. 

Forget a partridge in a pear tree. To help you say “you’re awesome” in the most meaningful (or fun) way, here's your guide to the the gifts recruiters really want this holiday season:

Read on for more detail on these eight gifts – plus four more ideas for gifts that would really knock their socks off.

1. A thought-provoking (and relevant) read 

Give your recruiters something interesting to read with a book like Talking to Strangers: What We Should Know About the People We Don’t Know by New York Times bestselling author, Malcolm Gladwell. 

Since talking to strangers is a big part of their job description, any recruiter will likely get a kick out of Gladwell’s investigation into how we communicate with strangers and why there is often miscommunication. And for the commuter who drives to work, there’s even an audiobook option.

2. A Spotify gift card so they can make the perfect recruiting playlist

By giving your recruiters a gift card for a music streaming service like Spotify, they can listen to what they love — whether that’s chill jazz vibes to improve their focus or a motivational Lizzo track when they need a spontaneous dance party. (Don’t we all sometimes.)

Plus, if your recruiters are anything like the recruiting team at Spotify, they may even use their subscription to surprise and delight candidates

3.“Leave me alone” headphones to help them stay in the zone

When your recruiters are in the zone, the last thing they want is someone tapping them on the shoulder for an ask that definitely could wait. After all, it takes time and effort to ramp back up to full productivity after a disturbance. 

So give your recruiters a big pair of headphones that scream “I’m working, leave me alone.” And in case people still don’t get the message, you can even find pairs that say “Do not disturb.”

4. A coffee mug that will make them feel like the badasses they really are

The right mug can put a little extra pep in your recruiters’ step every morning, reminding them that they’re a badass — and reminding everyone else in the room too.

We are fond of this inspirational mug from Etsy. It’s one of those rare cases where the slogan on the mug, “Recruiter: Because badass miracle worker isn’t an official job title,” is both funny and true. 

5. A fun, recruiter-y shirt 

Most recruiters love their job. They live and breathe recruiting. So a fun t-shirt like this “Finder of keepers” design is sure to delight them, letting them wear their passion on their sleeve (or in this case, their chest). 

It also serves as a handy conversation starter, helping other recruiting professionals spot them in a crowd. You can also check out this page for more fun t-shirt ideas.

6. A ticket to a recruiting conference where they can get inspired (and have fun)

Attending conferences allows recruiters to discuss their biggest challenges and successes with like-minded professionals and stay up to date with the latest developments in the industry. By giving them tickets to an upcoming conference, you can show you’re invested in helping them grow in their careers — while also letting them blow off some steam. 

There are lots of inspiring and informative conferences to choose from (though we recommend LinkedIn Talent Connect, of course!). Your recruiters will learn something, have fun, and bring back valuable insights that can strengthen your organization’s recruiting efforts — so this is a gift that benefits everyone. 

7. Better recruiting technology to make their lives easier

The right recruiting tools can help your recruiters eliminate busywork and put hours back in their week. They can spend this extra time on the tasks that they enjoy the most and that add the most value, like building stronger relationships with candidates.

So give the gift that keeps on giving by investing in a new piece of tech, like an applicant tracking system (ATS), video interviewing platform, or a tool to analyze the talent market. This can save your recruiters time, make it easier for them to communicate, and more. 

8. A hand-written “thank you” note 

There’s something about a hand-written “thank you” note that can be especially meaningful. This holiday season, your recruiters would probably love to receive a note from a hiring manager or another member of the team to let them know their work is seen and appreciated by the people it directly impacts every day. 

9. Great buzz about your company online that will help attract candidates 

It’s easier for your recruiters to attract and recruit quality candidates when those candidates are hearing great things about your company. Glowing online reviews can convince people to apply, as can organic social media posts from candidates who had a positive experience with your company. 

You can’t really influence this, of course — but you can support your recruiters’ employer branding initiatives to help them tell a more compelling story about your company. 

10. A failproof skills assessment tool to help augment their instincts 

Most talent professionals currently rely on a mix of interview questions, take-home tests, and tech-based assessments to help them assess candidates’ hard and soft skills. The truth is, though, in most cases, there’s still some guesswork and finger-crossing involved — so a 100% accurate assessment tool would be an incredibly useful gift. 

Unfortunately, this doesn’t exist just yet. Until someone invents it, you can help your recruiters out by asking if there’s anything they need to be more successful. There are lots of existing tools, such as LinkedIn Skill Assessments, that can help them streamline the assessment process and augment their finely tuned instincts about candidates. 

11. Hiring managers who are on the same page 

A strong recruiter-hiring manager relationship can make it easier for your recruiters to do their job effectively. Since it’s often up to the recruiter to hold the hiring manager accountable, a lot of the burden tends to fall on their shoulders. A hiring manager that was instantly on the same page and aligned on expectations would save them a lot of trouble. 

This isn’t a gift you can buy in a store, but you can help foster alignment by creating a “culture of recruiting” like the one at Netflix. When hiring managers understand that recruiting is everyone’s responsibility, including theirs, your recruiters will spend less time chasing them. 

12. If all else fails, a “Morale Raiser” to remind them they’re doing a great job

Being a recruiter can be incredibly rewarding — but everyone has days when they feel like they’re doing a thankless job. You can’t always be around to give your recruiters a well-earned pat on the back. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a machine that could do it for you?

Turns out, there is — or at least, there was. Invented in 1951, the “Morale Raiser” was a slightly creepy electronic arm that a person could attach to their back to pat them and tell them they were wonderful. For some reason, it didn’t catch on…

Whatever gift you decide to get your recruiters this year, make sure they know how much you value them. They give your organization the gift of great talent all year round, so they definitely deserve it. 

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