9 Holiday Gifts Every Recruiter Needs This Year

December 18, 2020

Last year, we shared a list of 12 gift ideas for those special recruiters in your life — the people who work hard every day to make sure your company has the talent it needs. Since recruiting underwent some major shifts in 2020, we thought we’d share a brand-new list to inspire your holiday shopping and help you say “you’re the best” in the most thoughtful — and sometimes humorous — way possible. 

So, whether you want to lift your recruiters’ spirits, help them blow off some steam, or simply remind them that they’re valued, here are 10 fresh gift ideas for talent professionals this holiday season:

1. A punching bag to help them de-stress (and keep fit!) 

We can all agree that 2020 was a stressful year. As it (thankfully) draws to a close, help your recruiters de-stress the fun way by giving them their own punching bag!

As an added bonus, this gift doubles as a work-out option — perfect for the recruiter who’s considering working from home long-term. And if you’re worried they might not have room for a four-foot long, 25kg punching bag, fear not: mini versions are available that will fit right on their desk.

2. A cozy sweatshirt to help them get comfy while working from home

Every remote worker deserves a sweatpants day every now and then. Giving your recruiters some comfy clothes shows you trust them to balance comfort with professionalism while working remotely. After all, they don’t really need to be wearing a tailored shirt to send emails or review candidate profiles. 

If you’re not sure of their style, consider getting them a sweater like this one that reads “I never dreamed I would be a super cool recruiter, but here I am killing it.” It’s perfect for keeping them warm during the colder months — and doubles as a morale booster when they need it!

3. A piece of artwork or a poster to liven up their space for video calls

If you’ve noticed that your recruiters seem to be dialing into video calls from a white void, they’d probably appreciate some artwork to decorate their walls. Choosing a piece of art from a local artist is one option, or you could pick a print that shows off their recruiter pride, like this one reading “Recruiter (noun): Someone who will gladly accept your cousin’s roommate’s dentist’s daughter’s resume.”

This print is also a gift to your candidates, since a cheerful piece of artwork in the background can be a good conversation starter during virtual coffee chats and video interviews. And if your recruiter ultimately decides to return to the physical office in the future, they can easily bring their new favorite print with them to add a little character to their workspace.

4. A ring light so they always look their best during virtual interviews

Any recruiter who had to transition to virtual interviews this year knows the struggle of trying to look good on video. A little bad lighting can seemingly undo an hour of careful hair styling and makeup application — which can make it harder to focus on a candidate’s words, since we’re naturally wired to analyze and stare at our own faces when they’re on screen. 

To boost your recruiters’ confidence, take a page out of the influencers’ playbook and get them a ring light for the holidays. These circular lights are designed to cast a soft, flattering glow across the face, minimizing shadows and making a person’s eyes sparkle. With this tool in their back pocket, your recruiters will always know they look their best — allowing them to give candidates their full attention, rather than studying their own face for blemishes.

5. An "On the Phone" sign to minimize embarrassing interruptions

We’ve all seen the clips of kids, partners, and pets making surprise appearances during video calls. As funny as they are, they can derail a virtual meeting or interview and leave recruiters blushing.

To help your team minimize distractions, make it easy for them to alert others in their household that they’re on the phone with a glowing “On the Phone” sign that they can place outside the door. We can’t guarantee that it will deter small children or furry friends, but at least it will let partners know that they shouldn’t enter the room only in their underwear to ask if your recruiter wants a cup of tea.

6. A bag of strong coffee for that extra shot of at-home motivation

Your recruiters are passionate about their jobs, but we all need a little extra push to get the wheels turning some mornings. On those days, let your recruiters pour themselves a big cup of motivation by giving them a bag of extra-strong coffee. 

If a team member has been pining for their favorite coffee spot near the office, see if the shop  sells bags of its signature roast. Not only does this allow you to support a local business, but can also make your recruiter’s day.

7. An inspirational new mug for that extra-strong coffee or a much needed soothing cup of tea

When your recruiters are making their day’s first (or fifth) cup of tea or coffee, they’ll need something special to drink it out of. A great mug is more than just a receptacle for beverages: it’s an extra reason to smile, especially if it carries an inspiring slogan.

We’re feeling drawn (perhaps by the Force) to this “Yoda Best Recruiter” mug this year. If your recruiters have been binge-watching The Mandalorian and are no doubt raving about Baby Yoda, satisfy them this mug will. 

8. Hand sanitizer that also moisturizes for when handshakes are a thing again

There’s no telling exactly when in-person interviews will return, but you can help your recruiters stay handshake-ready by sending them some moisturizing hand sanitizer. 

Look for a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol, along with some soothing ingredients such as aloe vera and almond oil that can help reduce irritation and heal damaged skin. Your recruiters’ hands will remain silky-soft — and, most importantly, clean. 

9. A festive face mask to alert Santa that they’ve been a good recruiter this year

Before 2020, if you’d gifted someone a face mask for the holidays, they’d probably have been pretty confused. This year, major publications are dedicating entire gift guides to helping people find the right face mask for their loved ones, so it’s a totally acceptable (and practical) gift to get for your recruiters.

This festive option lets the world know that the recipient is “Santa’s favorite recruiter” — major bragging rights. We’re not promising they’ll find extra presents under their tree, but at least they’ll know that Mr. Claus (and your company!) sees and appreciates their efforts. 

Bonus: A surfboard because they rode the waves of 2020 — and deserve a vacation!

If all else fails, give your recruiters something to symbolize all the waves they successfully rode in 2020: a surfboard. 

This gift encourages your recruiting team to look ahead to all the well-earned vacations they’ll enjoy in the future. The past year might have been spent on the couch, but the beach will always be waiting for them when it’s safe to return.

Whatever you decide to give your recruiters this year, make sure they know much you appreciate their efforts. After all, they give your company the greatest gift of all: the incredible talent that makes your mission possible. 

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