9 Reasons Santa Would Be a Great Recruiter (No. 6: He Always Delivers)

December 1, 2020

Photo of Santa in suit at job interview

As 2020 nears its finish, we could all use a bit of holiday cheer. But as we anticipate 2021, let’s remember that the current year has had a few silver linings — a renewed focus and energy around diversity and inclusion, the beginning of the end for the unemployment stigma, and a widespread embrace of the possibilities of remote work.

Many talent acquisition teams no longer feel a need for their recruiters to work onsite and they have begun casting their nets more widely. As they do so, they would do well to consider the potential of that sled-driving, gift-giving, Ho-Ho-Ho’ing sensation who lives at the North Pole.

Why Santa Claus? For one thing, this video makes it clear that Santa is in the market for a new gig. And, as a recruiter, Santa would be rocking more than a fur-trimmed red suit and patent leather boots.

1. He knows who’s naughty and nice

You misbehave and there’s no room for you in Santa’s pipeline. Santa has always sourced good people — ones who practice empathy, collaboration, and kindness. If you’re mean and nasty, Santa will leave a coal company in your InMail.

2. He thinks globally

Santa was the original global brand. Long before Coca-Cola or Samsung, Saint Nick had an operation that was doing business in just about every country on earth. He was multinational before it was a thing. His talent pipeline will be filled with professionals from all over the world.

3. He embraces diversity and inclusion

Jolly old Saint Nicholas brings presents to all the good little children. He doesn’t discriminate on account of gender, race, ability, or nationality.

4. He leverages new technology

Have you seen the 2011 movie Arthur Christmas? It provides a glimpse at some of the super-secret advanced technology that may make Santa’s enterprise work in today’s world. In the film, Santa drives a hypersonic, mile-wide S-1 sleigh and has  a control center that puts NASA’s to shame. Managing an ATS won’t be a problem.

5. His Santabodies give him COVID immunity

No less an authority than Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases at the National Institutes of Health, has verified that Mr. Claus is immune to COVID-19. “Santa is exempt from this because Santa, of all the good qualities, has a lot of good innate immunity,” Fauci told USA Today. “Santa is not going to be spreading any infections to anybody.” Which means Santa can recruit from remote or in the office, where he’ll never pose a threat to any candidate’s health.

6. He always delivers

Santa never makes excuses. Through world wars and global depressions, snowstorms and electrical storms, Santa has always found a way to deliver the goods and the goodies. As a recruiter, Santa would find talent quickly and smoothly, no matter how specialized the role or how unrealistic the timeline.

7. He has world-class people skills

Look no further than your local mall for proof that Santa has the kind of people skills that adorn every job description. Watch as a tear-stained toddler mumbles their Christmas wish list and wipes their runny nose on Santa’s sleeve and Kris Kringle responds by smiling broadly and unleashing a delighted “Ho! Ho! Ho!”

8. He is definitely a culture add, not a culture fit

There’s no one on your team like Santa. He has no nationality because he belongs to all nations. He will be the first resident of the North Pole on anyone’s team. He has worked remotely for centuries. If your team can’t learn from Santa, you need a new team.

9. Like recruiters everywhere, he constantly defies conventional notions of time and space to get the job done

For years, smarty-pantses who know a little math and science have maintained that Santa would vaporize or be torn to pieces by gravitational forces if he moved fast enough to deliver gifts to the billions of children around the world in a single night. But these Grinches clearly have never worked in talent acquisition. Recruiters everywhere fill ridiculous numbers of reqs every month — even under the most dire of circumstances.

Recruiters get what Santa does; Santa digs what they do. He’d be a fantastic gift to any recruiting team.

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