What Recruiting Was Like in 2020 (In GIFs)

December 29, 2020

2020 has been a tough year and every recruiter in the land has worked through unique challenges in all aspects of life.

Hiring in some industries has boomed while others have slowed or stopped. And we’ve had to transition to virtual interview processes and remote onboarding, all while trying to stay engaged with our teams and checking in with family and friends. But, in some ways, there have been positives too.

So, as we come close to the end of possibly the craziest year in recent times, let’s reflect on what being a recruiter has felt like — through the powerful medium of GIFs.

1. You were initially told you’d be working from home for two weeks. Awesome! This will be a nice break from commuting and distractions in the workplace...

2. Six months later…

3. Introverted recruiters are doing ok...

4. And extroverted recruiters, well, not so much.

5. You’ve swapped out interruptions at your desk by hiring managers, business partners, and that guy from marketing for interruptions by pets, children, housemates, delivery people, neighbors, and needy houseplants.

6. Your team might have volunteered you to create a virtual careers fair.

7. Your hiring managers when you ask them to create a video version of a job ad so you can post it on social.

8. Now that candidates don’t need to be on-site for interviews and can easily take calls during the work day, you’re in awe of how fast they’re flying through the interview process.

9. Your company’s finally embraced remote work and you can cast a wider net for your search!

10. And that feeling you get when you sign off at the end of a long week to hang out with friends and family online.

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