5 Tasty Treats Recruiters Can Use to Attract Candidates

October 27, 2015

Okay, so you likely clicked this post thinking I was going to go all Rachel Ray or Martha Stuart on you for Halloween. Sorry! When I refer to “tasty treats,” I’m not talking about baked goods. I’m talking about “snackable content” - the kind of treat that gives candidates a sneak peek into what it’s like to work at your company. And truth be told, you really don’t have a choice any more. Snackable content is now a must do.

Why? 76% of job seekers surveyed at CAREEREALISM say they expect to be able to learn more about the company through you – the recruiter. If you can’t share enough, they question your credibility.

Another study by LinkedIn shows the No. 1 reason why candidates take a new job is because of the career opportunities they see with the new employer. Who do you think helps them see the possibilities? Recruiters! In short, serving up snackable content is the solution. By now, You might be saying to yourself:

“I can’t cook…Um, I mean write.”

I know. You’re a recruiter. You don’t see yourself as a marketing pro who can tell good stories. Well, you’re wrong! You’re more of a marketer than you know. I’ll prove it to you…

You tell compelling stories without even thinking about it.

I guarantee when you get a good candidate on the phone, you start telling stories. Actually, they’re examples you use to help candidates get a sense of what it’s like to work at the company. You might tell the story about the founder and why he or she started the company. Or, maybe you tell a story about a new hire who came from a similar background as the candidate.

I’m sure you also tell stories about how you have fun in the company. Maybe even a story about a customer and how their life got changed. See? You’re a marketer. You market the company’s employment brand through your examples a.k.a. stories.

The secret to attracting top talent today is to take those stories and turn them into snackable content. You simply create online articles that share the story so you can use these digital assets to promote your company’s employment brand on all your social media channels. Okay, but now you’re thinking:

“I’m not sure which snackable content to create.”

I understand - that’s why I’m going to help you figure out exactly which five pieces of snackable content you need to build for candidates. At CAREEREALISM, we surveyed our 1 million monthly visitors and learned there are five topics job seekers find most useful when determining if they should apply to a company.

They topics candidates care about are:

  1. Founders & c-suite – who’s in charge and what they believe in.
  2. Employees – hearing from potential co-workers to see if they identify with them.
  3. Fun factor – how the company keeps the office positive and productive.
  4. Wow factor – what makes everyone proud to work there.
  5. Values & beliefs – why the company exists and proof they follow their guiding principles.

Think of an example for each one you’d be willing to share with top talent and you’ve got your foundation for snackable content that will please even the most finicky candidate. Yet, even with all this guidance, you might be hesitating because you’re thinking:

“I don’t have any money to spend on snackable content.”

You don’t need money to do this. If your marketing department has a company blog, go ask them to hear your stories, write them up, and post them for you so you can use them to let candidates know what you’re all about.

Don’t have a marketing department? Visit CAREREALISM, and we’ll do it for you for free. I’m on a mission to show recruiters how powerful and capable they are of sharing the company’s employment brand.

Start by setting up your recruiter profile with us (for free), then we’ll walk you through how to build your own snackable content you can then use on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other sites where top talent hangs out.


You already know that snackable content works – you use it when you recruit one-on-one. Why not scale yourself? When you create tasty treats you can use online over and over again, you can get in front of top talent at scale.

Put your snackable content out there for more candidates to see and you will have them hungry for your job postings. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain – without the added calories!

PS – Want to learn more about how to build your recruiter brand and snackable content? This short, free video tutorial (10 minutes), breaks it all down for you. Sign up for it here.

*Image from Citrus and Candy

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