How 1 Recruiter Can Have the Power of 10

November 5, 2015

Today, I hear many recruiters saying they need more resources and staff to compete against bigger companies that have huge budgets and large teams to attract candidates. But, I disagree. In fact, a recent survey of job changers by LinkedIn shows many people are leaving big companies for smaller ones. The reason? Better career opportunities.

All a candidate needs is the right recruiter to show them the right career opportunity and they’ll jump. Therein lies the secret weapon any recruiter can use to power up their recruiting efforts: Clone your ability to sell the career opportunity, and you can attract more candidates. Better still, you can do it in your sleep.

Use your recruiter mojo to recruit 24/7

Good recruiters know how to convert candidates to employees. They educate and inspire everyone they talk to. They know what to say and how to say it. Give them candidates to chat with and they can convert. That’s recruiter mojo at its best. However, it only works when the recruiter is on the clock. Until now…

Scale yourself by creating a virtual, inbound recruiting team

In under an hour, you can build a set of online tools that can be used around the clock to attract candidates to your jobs. It’s like your own little army of recruiters – all cloned after you. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Create your ‘recruiter brand’ for candidates

A CAREEREALISM survey shows 76% of candidates want to research you, the recruiter, before they apply to a job. Why? They want to connect with a person, not a company. More importantly, they want to see your credentials to make sure you’re the right person to be connecting with.

If you have a good recruiter brand, they'll be interested. Build your brand by creating a comprehensive profile. It’s an easy to access collection of all the vital information and resources candidates need to be instantly intrigued by you and your employer. Examples of recruiter branding profiles can be found on CAREEREALISM.

Step 2: Identify your best ‘candidate bait’

Every recruiter has a set of go-to stories. You know the ones I’m talking about. They’re the facts about your company you weave into conversations to help candidates get a sense of what your company is like to work for. It’s how you get them excited about the career opportunities you have available.

Every time you share stories with candidates about how your company has fun, what makes the company different, why the leaders founded the company, etc., you’ve got a story that can be turned into candidate bait. Which leads to…

Step 3: Put your stories online

All you need is a photo and a little explanation and you can turn all those stories you tell candidates into stories you can show potential candidates.

Imagine being able to attract more talent by letting them get hooked online via your candidate bait. Once you have the story online, you just need to go fishing! [FYI- You can build your online stories for free. Click here to learn more.]

Step 5: Promote your recruiter brand and stories on social media

Once you have your recruiter brand and your online stories, you can push them out on all your social media channels. This will get people to read and share about your company, casting a wider fishing net, and leading more talent to you.

Note: You do need to know how to connect-the-dots and get talent to take action after reading your online stories and profile. This short, free video tutorial teaches you how to do that.

Size doesn’t matter - resourcefulness does

Recruiting smarter, not harder is the secret to competing against big recruiting teams. Believe in your skills as a recruiter and use them to scale your efforts. The tools and resources are available, it’s up to you to use them to your advantage.

PS – I invite you to come learn more about CAREEREALISM’s *free* Recruiter Directory and how you can get featured to 1,000,000+ job seekers. Plus, we hold weekly “Top Recruiter” contests that can help you get even more exposure for your open positions. Learn more.

*Image from Scott Swigart

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