Recruiters, Tell Us What Skills You Want to Master in 2016

November 18, 2015

It’s hard to believe it’s November already; the clocks have gone back, new facial hair is taking hold on some of the braver guys in the office, and Christmas ads are all over our television screens.

It’s not just time that moves quickly. The professional workplace does too. Last month, at Talent Connect in London, Tanya Staples of presented a frightening statistic: the useful shelf life of skills and knowledge has shrunk to just five years.

This should provide significant pause for thought among all of us. The challenge of keeping our skills and those of our teams up to scratch and relevant gets harder and harder as the world of work evolves.

This holds true for recruiters, who have to keep their own skills in sync with digital and social disruption.

Data reveals that recruiters are eager to develop their skills

We recently asked UK recruiters what their pain points in this area were. They told us that not having access to the latest tools and techniques needed to do their job has a big impact on the speed of the hiring process. When the brakes are put on time-to-hire, the business suffers poor morale, lower productivity, and slower growth as a result. 

With one in three UK recruiters not taking full advantage of available insights into the existing skills in the workforce to inform recruitment strategies, this problem is a common one. Successful recruitment has always been an art, but without backing this up the latest science it takes far longer.

Tweet your skills goals to @HireOnLinkedIn with hashtag #recruitingskills to receive expert advice

From today, we’re inviting the UK’s recruitment professionals to tell us what social recruiting skills they’re looking to master in the year ahead. Head over to LinkedIn’s @HireOnLinkedIn Twitter handle, and tell us exactly what new techniques would best help your business success in 2016 using the hashtag #recruitingskills.

Whether it’s how to build relationships with passive candidates, how to make the most of data in your recruitment strategies, or how to sharpen up your employer brand online, let us know.

In the coming weeks we’ll be picking some of the most popular suggestions and working with our team of in-house experts to provide some tailored advice on how you can set yourself up for success in 2016, both on Twitter and right here on the LinkedIn Talent Solutions blog.

Stay tuned to find out what hurdles your colleagues in the recruitment profession want to cross in 2016.