5 Ways Recruiters Can Manage Their Time More Effectively

March 22, 2016

As a recruiter, “time is on my side, yes it is” are probably not lyrics that speak to you very often. You have a lot do to in day, and time isn’t always on your side. All in all, your success depends on your ability to effectively plan the best use of that time.  

After all, it’s not the recruiter who works the longest hours who is the most successful. The most successful individuals in the recruiting profession know where to place their focus on a consistent basis.

But, the challenge is that you have people on both sides of the recruiting process, making constant interruptions an almost certainty. However, when you have planned out your day effectively, you can:

  • Switch back to top priorities faster and more effectively.
  • Eliminate many of the time wasters that can distract you.
  • Focus on important vs. urgent tasks

Below are five things you can start doing to help plan and manage your time more effectively.

1. List six top priorities daily

This is something you can implement starting today. Before you leave work write down the six things you need to accomplish tomorrow that are closest to an offer. These actions are not optional, they are mandatory.You need to make a commitment to complete them prior to leaving work. This is a great first step and requires that you begin to force yourself to develop the habit of planning.

2. Focus where you need results

Know what results you need on a daily basis in order to consistently hit or surpass the goals you set. In other words, figure out the 20% of what you’re doing that provides you with 80% of your production and focus more time on the 20%.

Cutting out tasks that are less impactful and focusing more time on your results-oriented activities that truly pay-off will give you back a lot of time.

3. Focus on the outgoing calls

It would be very effective for you to arrive at work and know exactly which outgoing calls you need to make for the entire day. Obviously, as your day unfolds you will add to the list. However, it’s your planned outgoing calls that will help you achieve your next level of production and income.

4. Plan to talk to 20 new people daily

This may not sound difficult, but it is. This doesn’t include voicemails or talking to the same hiring authorities and candidates repeatedly. And, it will ensure that you are reaching out to new talent consistently on a daily basis.

5. Use the TITA (Touch It Take Action) process for email

Email can shut down your ability to work your desk and often represents the priorities of others, not necessarily your priorities. So, implement T.I.T.A. (Touch It Take Action).

Answer it, delete it or file for future action. 

In addition, change the subject line when you respond to an email. This will allow you to conduct a keyword search of the title when you are attempting to find a specific email.

Final thoughts

You either plan your life or someone will plan it for you. If your recruiting and hiring results are inconsistent, planning and segmenting your day is the solution. Know exactly what activity level you need to accomplish in order to produce the daily results you need to attain your hiring goals. 

The magic begins when you set your goals and the switch is turned on when you create and implement your plan.

*Image from Ravi Shah

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