7 Strategies Your Company Should Consider to Attract Talent in 2016

January 11, 2016

Baby boomers are projected to retire at a rate of 10,000 per day for the next fifteen years and unemployment is almost at pre-2008 levels. In short – in 2016, the competition for talent will be intense.

To get ahead of that and have a shot at recruiting new talent, here are seven strategies your company should consider:

1. Get acknowledged on a "best places to work" ranking

Individuals who are at the top of their game often prefer to work for employers who are listed in “Best Places to Work” rankings. These same candidates often target companies that are recognized for the way they treat their employees. Imagine the advantage to being recognized as an employer of choice and having top talent target your company as the place they’d prefer to work.

2. Establish internships and summer jobs programs

The most talented recent college graduates are often employed before graduation. They participate in paid internships or summer employment and make a commitment to accept a full-time position with their employer upon graduation. The number of college graduates in certain fields will not keep pace with current or future demands. Establishing internships and offering summer jobs to college students will provide you with the capability of attracting the best talent before they graduate.

3. Hire contractors and temporary workers who you can covert to full time

The use of contractors, consultants and temporary workers is quickly evolving as the new workforce model. These workers compliment core full-time employees. You can observe their skills, attitude and work ethic. This “working interview” can help you determine if this person can do the job, compliments your current team and fits in to your company culture.

4. Build out a robust employee referral program

Stats show that referred candidates are the best candidates – they tend to stay longer and perform better. However, most companies do not attract referrals because their internal referral programs are not up to snuff.

In order to establish a well-functioning ERP, consider assigning a specific person to lead it. This person will monitor results, make adjustments and assure internal referrals increase by focusing on a combination of simplicity, recognition and rewards.

5. Promote talent from within and encourage internal mobility

When you have new job opportunities, make sure that internal talent considers them as well. For example, when conducting performance reviews, ask employees if they have talents they are not using in their current job and chat about roles that may further enhance those talents. This can prevent turnover and result in a promotion, transfer or reassignment and save you time and money.

6. Recognize your employees with awards

Most individuals have the need to be appreciated and recognized. If you present internal company awards, make sure you drum up publicity for them in the media, trade publications and your own company website. When prospective employees read about the awards being given to your employees, they determine that you are a company that recognizes individuals for their achievements and are more likely to see you favorably and apply.

7. Keep an eye out for prospects on social media and blogs

Individuals who are experts in their fields often write blogs and have a very strong social media presence. You need to join their groups, read their blogs and engage in a meaningful discussion. Social media allows you to learn many details about a prospective employee and also gives them great insight into you and your company. Take time to manage and continually improve your social media presence.

These seven strategies will help you gain an advantage when it comes to attracting top talent but they are just a start. What other tactics are you planning on using in 2016?

* image by Death to Stock Photo