The Modern Recruiter’s Guide to Becoming a Talent Magnet

April 4, 2016

Today, job seekers are job shoppers. Just like consumers, they do their homework before they apply to a company and spend a long time exploring options and learning about opportunities.

Understanding these evolved wants and needs of the sophisticated job seeker is what separates a modern recruiter from their peers. For those of you who want to learn how to be a modern recruiter on LinkedIn and optimize your interaction points with candidates on the site, I recommend the just-released The Modern Recruiter's Guide: The Candidate Journey on LinkedIn.

Below is my review of the ebook and some of the highlights I took away:

The secret lies in leveraging the candidate journey

With so many tools and approaches to recruiting bombarding us today, it can be difficult to cut through the noise and confusion to build a strong, consistent system for recruiting top talent. We are distracted when we need to be focused.

In LinkedIn’s new recruiting e-book, you will find the clarity you seek by focusing on the best way to leverage the candidate journey. Defined as a four-step process, you see how recruiting should be conducted at each of the following stages:

  • Discovery
  • Attraction
  • Application
  • Engagement

When you can put yourself in the shoes of the candidate and walk their journey through your company’s candidate experience, you will be able to identify and execute efficient, targeted action steps. The result? More, better talent going through your recruiting process. Your employer brand will become a talent magnet.

4 steps that will transform you into a modern recruiter

LinkedIn’s e-book offers a comprehensive breakdown of how to build your recruiting game plan by demonstrating how you can use their various features to your advantage. It gives you a roadmap with visuals that makes it easier to conceptualize your ability to lead the modern recruiting efforts at your company.

That being said, what I enjoyed most was the simplicity of the plan. I immediately identified with the four-step process that I know is working for many modern recruiters I work with. It is as follows:

Step 1: Embrace your recruiter brand

Your LinkedIn profile has the power to entice a passive candidate to become an active one. LinkedIn studies show 73% of professionals are waiting for the right job to find them. Learn how to optimize your profile so you can capture the attention of the talent you desire.

Step 2: Claim your employer brand real estate

If you have employees, you have an employer brand. Now, it’s time to reveal it. You do this by claiming your online real estate i.e. your LinkedIn Company and Careers pages. 61% of followers of your pages are more likely to respond to your Inmails about your open positions. That’s because 79% of your followers say they would be interested in working for your company.

You must be where the talent expects you, or they’ll assume you aren’t a credible employer. More importantly, you must offer them enough information and insight into working at your company to make them take you seriously.

Step 3: Drive the candidate conversation

When it comes to recruiting, your network is your net worth. Being able to successfully connect with candidates boils down to your ability to get them to engage in a meaningful conversation. Learning how to quickly earn the trust and respect of talent is the secret to getting them to apply faster. Studies show people are 3X more likely to believe employees (a/k/a you!) over CEOs when it comes to talking about an organization’s work environment.

Step 4: Use employees to expand your reach

Every employee in your company is a potential recruiter. The fastest way to scale recruiting efforts is to tap into your employees for referrals. Studies show companies with socially engaged employees are 58% more likely to attract top talent. Knowing how to do this efficiently and effectively will help you fill positions faster with better talent.

I encourage recruiters of all skill levels to take the time to review this new e-book. I guarantee you will learn something new. And, isn’t that the very essence of a modern recruiter? Someone who is always looking to learn and grow!

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