The 5 Most Popular Talent Blog Articles Among Recruiters This Month

June 29, 2018

If you’re looking for some poolside reading material or maybe just a break from work, we’ve got you covered with the most popular blog posts among our readers in June.

Topics range from how resumes will change (or disappear) in the future, to what people actually care about in job descriptions and how companies can make flexible and remote work options an advantage. Perhaps unsurprisingly, most of these posts covered the biggest trends happening in the industry this year, according to our 2018 Global Trends Report.

1. The Future of Recruiting Won't Have Any Resumes, and Two More Predictions From an Expert

In this month's top post, Jennifer Carpenter, Head of Talent Acquisition at Delta Air Lines, shares her thoughts on what the future of recruiting will look like. Based on her talk at Talent Connect last year, she discusses how resumes will change and how machines and online tools will reduce gender bias and help recruiters hire based on a candidate’s learning potential.

2. Here Is What It Takes to Become a CEO, According to 12,000 LinkedIn Profiles

After examining data from over 12,000 CEO LinkedIn profiles at companies with over 50 employees, we discovered fascinating trends about what these leaders have in common, including information on what schools they attended, what they typically studied, their most commonly held first jobs, and more. One especially surprising statistic from the data examined: 80% of enterprise CEOs were brought in from an external company, as opposed to being promoted internally.

3. This Job Description Heatmap Shows You What Candidates Really Care About (and What They Ignore)

In another study, over 450 LinkedIn users were asked what they think about various job descriptions in order to figure out what people care about most and what information they're drawn to when reading them. Some interesting findings included that people are most interested in the salary and benefits listed and also want to know about the office location. What’s one thing to avoid in a job description? Sounding too casual.

4. Atlassian’s 5-Step Strategy for Recruiting Tech Talent From Around the World

This post focuses on the work Sydney-based enterprise software developer Atlassian is doing in order to search and hire globally for tech talent. The post explores the five key tactics the company uses to succeed in this goal, including using data to find out which countries have potential job candidates with the desired skills, building creative brand campaigns to attract people to company postings, and determining what companies from which to recruit.

5. Here’s What Actually Happens When Employees Have Flexible and Remote Work Options

The fifth most-read post from June centers on the future of work, and reveals how employees perform when given the option to work remote and with flexible hours. Although many companies remain hesitant, studies show that employees really appreciate these options and can even be more productive as a result. The post then breaks down some best practices you can follow to make the most of these tactics.

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