These are the #1 Most Recruited Jobs in Tech, Finance, Retail, and More

November 5, 2018

The second-most recruited role on LinkedIn overall is enterprise account executive—and it’s also the #1 most recruited job in the tech industry. That's according to our latest report, The 33 Most Recruited Jobs and How to Proactively Grow Your Talent Pipeline, which covers the most in-demand roles across industries and job functions (like sales, operations, and HR).

Insights like these can tell you where you’ll face the fiercest competition for talent, so you can set expectations and plan ahead. That’s why we analyzed which people get the most outreach from recruiters on LinkedIn—revealing the most recruited jobs.

Today, we’re sharing the most recruited jobs across five industries. For the complete list of most recruited jobs globally, check out the full report. You'll also get insights, strategies, and tips to be more proactive about building up your workforce—from sourcing, to assessing, to developing talent.

Enterprise account executive is the most recruited job in tech

The most recruited job in tech isn’t an engineering role—it’s a sales role. (After all, the sales teams at tech companies are often just as big as the technical teams.) The largest supply of enterprise account executives are found in San Francisco, New York City, and Boston, according to LinkedIn Talent Insights.  

If you’re looking to hire these AEs, you may want to source from “hidden gem” locations with relatively high supply and low demand, like Austin, Los Angeles, and Washington D.C.

Data scientist is the most recruited job in finance

Finance companies are looking to capitalize on data scientists, whose skills could help them manage risk and analyze markets. But if they find there’s a deficit of talent, it’s not a bad idea to hire and upskill candidates who could become data scientists. 

Looking for people currently employed as researchers could be a great place to source that kind of potential. According to LinkedIn data analyzed for The 33 Most Recruited Jobs, the most common previous job titles that current data scientists held five years ago were “research assistant” and “researcher.”

Software engineer is the most recruited job in retail, professional services, and education/government/nonprofit

As technology continues to play a bigger part in all businesses, these three industries are all reaching out to software engineers more than any other role—though that’s where the similarities end. (Their other top recruited jobs don’t overlap.)

When making your pitch to engineers, don’t undersell the job’s degree of difficulty.  Over half (52%) of software engineers agree that “challenging work” is an important factor when considering a job opportunity, according to survey data on nearly 7,000 engineers in Talent Insights.

Find all 33 most recruited jobs, along with strategies to source, assess, and upskill

Insights only matter when they’re matched with action. Seeing which people have the most recruiters pursuing them can help you adjust accordingly in the short-term and long-term.

Download The 33 Most Recruited Jobs to find the most in-demand roles overall, across industries, and across job functions. There’s also long-term strategies and short-term tips on ways to build your pipeline—like sourcing non-traditional talent, assessing skills instead of schools, and upskilling existing employees.

You may need to get creative when going after this highly competitive talent. That could mean doing things a little differently and redefining what it looks like to build successful teams.

*Photo by rawpixel on Unsplash