Watch What Happens When LinkedIn’s HR and Recruiting Leaders Share an Office [Spoof]

October 9, 2015

LinkedIn’s head of HR, Pat Wadors, and head of recruiting, Brendan Browne, are sharing the stage at Talent Connect to talk about how HR and Talent Acquisition can work better together to recruit and retain great talent. 

Based off that, we decided to have some fun, and came up with an imaginary scenario: what if we Pat and Brendan weren't only sharing the same stage, but also sharing the same office? What followed was reminiscent of Oscar and Felix, or a Silicon Valley version of The Office:

Of course, that didn’t really happen and Brendan doesn't [usually] agree to walk new hires' dogs. This, however, is the perfect metaphor for Wadors’ and Browne’s joint keynote address at Talent Connect.

In their keynote, the two will discuss how they overcame some differences when Wadors began at LinkedIn in 2013, and how they coalesced into one smooth-operating machine. From there, they were able to tackle some of the biggest challenges facing LinkedIn, by using each other’s skills and resources.

Want to see their joint presentation for free, and hear their solutions to some of the industry’s biggest obstacles? Sign up for LinkedIn’s live stream of Talent Connect Anaheim or Talent Connect London, where you’ll be able to see Wadors’ and Browne’s keynote, along with ones done by talent leaders at Uber, L’Oreal, Hootsuite and more.