4 Reasons You Should Be at Talent Connect This Year

August 24, 2017

Not that we are counting or anything, but there are only a few weeks left until Talent Connect and we are so excited to show you what we have in store for you this year!

Talent Connect is LinkedIn’s annual customer conference, gathering together inspiring professionals from the talent-minded world. And when so many brilliant recruiters and HR professionals are in the same space, magic happens. Every year we are blown away by the incredible stories of transformation and innovation you share, and delighted to see the new connections that you make.

This year, we are going the extra mile to make sure all attendees feel Talent Connect’s energy and have planned out many special experiences. If you have never been to Talent Connect or are looking for a reason to attend, here are a few highlights to give you a taste of what awaits:

1. Hear inspiring stories that will change you and your company

The theme of this year’s event is “Where Instincts and Insights Meet” and we have selected a great mix of talks to both re-charge your sharp instincts and give you thought-provoking insights.

On our main stage, you will hear the personal career stories of two brilliant CHROs -- Edith Cooper from Goldman Sachs and Sarah Wagener from Pandora. They will share relatable anecdotes on what has made them successful and how each of them has used different strengths and approaches to transform their talent organizations.

You will also hear from Brené Brown, the most popular TED Talks speaker of all time, sharing insights about the power of vulnerability and empathy when it comes to establishing genuine and successful connections. Kimberly Bryant, the CEO of Black Girls Code, will talk about her personal experiences in the workforce and views on diversity and the gender gap.

And these are just a few of our keynotes -- a few more delightful surprise speakers are in store.

In terms of breakouts, there is even more choice and guaranteed “aha-moments.” We have curated over 55 sessions, focusing on the future of the talent industry, current best practices from top companies, and your personal development (we have an awesome body language session you should make a point to attend). The ideas that you hear are guaranteed to spark your creative vision and help you bring back fresh perspective to your team and your own career.

Check out 7 Can’t-Miss Breakout Sessions and get ready for many many more.

2. Meet peers, exchange ideas, and make valuable connections

Every talent professional loves a good networking opportunity, so we wanted to give you as many of those as possible. Here are a few ways you can meet other attendees and exchange knowledge:

  • Talent Connections Mentoring Program

Registrants will have a chance to connect 1:1 and be mentored by seasoned industry leaders and influencers. Get inspired, learn how to grow in your career, and make powerful connections that will last beyond Talent Connect.

Or become a mentor yourself and positively impact another talent professional’s career path, share their experiences and advice, and enrich their mentee’s perspective on where the talent industry is headed.

If you'd like to be either a mentee or a mentor, please register and save your spot in the Talent Connect mobile app after September 18th.

  • Networking Lunch

Talent Connect flies by, so we’re always looking for opportunities to make the most of every minute. Why not lunch time? On Wednesday during lunch, find a table with a blue tablecloth to join a conversation with your peers about our conference themes, including:

                    1. Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging
                    2. Reskilling and Upskilling the Workforce
                    3. Artificial Intelligence
                    4. The Multigenerational Workforce
                    5. Employer Branding
                    6. The Gig Economy
                    7. Professional Learning & Development

If you’d rather take a break from professional development and simply get to know other cool talent pros, join a wildcard table to have fun with questions like “What’s your favorite song to source to? or “What’s an interesting fact not on your LinkedIn Profile?”

  • The Innovation Lab

Ever imagined being the head of LinkedIn products where you can tell the engineers what they should be working on? Well, at the Innovation Lab you can (at least for 90 minutes). Join us to let our product teams know what top of mind for you and what are your recruiting product pain points and ideas.

Register and save your spot now -- each session has room only for 15 people.

  • Welcome reception

To welcome you to the event, we are throwing (you guessed it…) a welcome reception on the first day -- October 3rd. Join us for cocktails, food, new connections and boat rides. Yep, there is an indoor river going through the hotel and we have boats which will host small group discussions (no swimming skills necessary, the word is that the river is only 3 feet deep).

Also, pay special attention to attendees with white lanyards -- they have traveled alone to represent their company and we want to make them feel welcome and at home.

And in the spirit of full disclosure, some connections made at Talent Connect in previous years have been for life:

3. Get the latest scoop on how LinkedIn can help you find and engage talent

Throughout Talent Connect there will be opportunities to learn more about the future of LinkedIn products, get nifty tips and tricks, and share feedback. Join us for the LinkedIn vision and product keynote the morning of October 4th or check out some of the product-specific breakouts. These sessions are designed to show you how to get the most out of your LinkedIn investment while giving you access to product experts.

Don’t forget to save your spot at the product Innovation Labs and give us feedback on how to make our products better for you.

Finally, stop by the InLounge. Aside from product demos, you can also Rock Your LinkedIn Profile and have one of our professional photographs take a new profile picture for you (you can sign up for a specific time and day so you don’t have to wait in line). There are also teams of LinkedIn experts who can guide you on how to freshen up your profile to tell an even more compelling story.

4. Experience the spirit of Nashville (aka Music City)

This is the first year Talent Connect ventures eastward and we are thrilled to be in Nashville, the country music capital of the US. The city definitely has an undeniable mojo and our team wants you to feel that throughout the conference. Like with every experience, feeling it is way better than talking about it, so I won’t reveal any of the interactive and fun surprises our events team has planned.

I do have to say -- Talent Connect is known for throwing an impressive party that carries the spirit of the city. Join us on Wednesday evening for a little adventure about town and we guarantee that the music, southern cooking, and maybe some line dancing tutorials will be hard-to-forget highlights.

Join us at Talent Connect in Nashville (or if you can’t make it, sign up for the event live stream).