4 Key Recruiting Trends to Watch in 2016 [INFOGRAPHIC]

October 14, 2015

Our new Global Recruiting Trends report is hot off the digital press, revealing the way talent acquisition will be transformed in 2016. This is the fifth edition of our annual survey and 4,000 of your talent acquisition peers from 40 countries shared their top priorities, potential challenges and opportunities.

In this year’s results, a key theme emerged: The power of relationships. Out of the four trending topics – measuring quality of hire, sourcing quality hires, employer branding and employee retention – relationships was the connective tissue that linked them all together.

Scroll through the infographic below to learn more about the four key trends that will prepare your team and company for 2016:

  • global recruiting trends 2016

These are just a few of the fascinating results from our Global Recruiting Trends report.

Download the global and our country-specific reports and use them to drive your recruiting strategies for 2016 and beyond.

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