Recruiters Reveal Their Top Priorities for 2016

December 16, 2015

2016 is approaching as fast as Usain Bolt. And, when you’re not trying to figure out those last minute gifts for your family, you’re probably busy planning your recruiting strategy for 2016.

What should you be focusing on? What will make the biggest business impact?

Well, to help you figure our what your peers are thinking, for our 2016 Global Recruiting Trends report we asked roughly 4,000 talent acquistion leaders around the world what they consider to be the most important priority for their organization in 2016.

Here’s what they had to say, in order of importance:

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Let's take a closer look at the top 3...

1. Recruiting highly skilled talent

Now, it isn’t exactly a surprise that recruiting skilled talent came in as #1, with 39% of respondents listing it as their top priority over the next year. Having the best people in your organization is absolutely essential for success, and recruiters are working hard to attract and hire them.

To land the best talent, recruiters need to lay out a passive candidate recruiting strategy and use data to guide their talent search and conversations with hiring managers. And, you can also use LinkedIn’s Talent Pool Reports to understand where to look for specific talent.

2. Employee retention

This one is quite interesting – 32% of respondents listed retention as their top priority. Clearly this is a rising trend, as companies are realizing that all the hard work that goes into bringing in the best talent isn’t worth much if these new hires don’t stick around.

Because of that, employees are investing more in motivating their employees and providing guidance. And, as competition grows, so does the number of perks that companies are providing, some more extravagant than others. For detailed tips on how to increase employee retention at your company, check out our employee retention tipsheet.

And, here’s another factor employees are seeing help with retention: Employee referrals. According to research, a referred hire will stay at their job longer than a non-referred hire. And, employees who refer someone who is hired are more likely so stick around, as they feel more engaged with the company. Thinking about how to develop your company’s employee referral program may be a great investment in 2016.

3. Improving quality of hire

26% of respondents say this will be their top priority for 2016 and, let’s be honest - it’s a tough one. Many recruiters and companies are struggling to figure out how to actually measure quality of hire, even though everybody is talking about it.

To help you tackle this, influencer Lou Adler has outlined this 7-step plan to track and improve quality of hire. Lou also discusses how optimizing your candidate experience is key to making quality hires – read how you can do it here.

So, now you know what other talent acquisition professionals are prioritizing for 2016. What’s your priority? Share it with us by tweeting it to @HireOnLinkedIn

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