Here Are the Best Social Recruiters Across Asia Pacific

March 2, 2016

APAC is the fastest developing region in the world and its demand for talent is huge.

This means that perhaps recruiters are busier in APAC than just about anywhere else and in order to secure the best talent they need to be curious, data driven and creative. I can certainly vouch that this is the case with recruiting team I lead in the region.

In short, we believe that an organisation’s success is hinged on its talent and therefore its recruiters and wanted to highlight the best of them, using LinkedIn data.

To do that, we combed through LinkedIn Recruiter usage stats from June of 2015 to November of 2015. We picked the top social recruiters by measuring how robust their LinkedIn presence is, how good they are at searching and engaging candidates and the strength of their collaboration across the team.

Without further ado below are our Top Social Recruiters across Asia Pacific. What an impressive list! Congratulations!

Top 5 Australia and New Zealand:

1.     Joan Wong, Telstra 

2.     Megan Beale, Uber 

3.     Saliya Katungu, Amazon Web Services 

4.     Antoinette Attard, Country Road Group 

5.     Adam O'Connor, Clemenger Group

See the full list.

Top 5 India:

1.     Sriram Raghuveer, Accenture 

2.     Vinita Ferrao, Pfizer

3.     Karina Malhotra, Rio Tinto India 

4.     Garima Sharma, Microsoft 

5.     Shreya Dhariwal,

See the full list.

Top 5 Southeast Asia:

1.     Cyndi Ellis, Oracle 

2.     Tanira Kukreja, Palo Alto Networks 

3.     Kathleen Salonga, ZALORA Group 

4.     An Vo, British American Tobacco 

5.     Diksha Mahtani, Uber

See the full list.

Top 5 Hong Kong:

1.     Jimmy Lee, Accenture 

2.     Carmen Man, Goldman Sachs 

3.     Bonnie Ip, Li & Fung Limited 

4.     Roderick Chow, HSBC 

5.     Charles Cheung, Coleman Research

See the full list.

Note: Only one recruiter from an organization in each country was featured in the list.

The recruiters were happy to be recognized for their hard work. A perfect example is Marion Gouilly of Barclays.

“I am absolutely delighted!” Gouilly said. “Being recognized as one of LinkedIn’s top social recruiters makes me feel even more credible in my actions and my job.”

What’s one thing we noticed, the Recruiters had in common when we talked to them? A passion for the job. Take our number one recruiter in APAC, drum roll... Cindy Ellis of Oracle.  Cindy says:

“I love that every day is different, I get to face a new challenge and meet new people every day.”

An Vo of British American Tobacco, a top 10 social recruiter in APAC, agreed. She said what inspires her to go to work everyday is working with the candidates that she helps land their dream jobs.

“People’s stories inspire me,” Vo said. “As a recruiter and mother of special needs child, I get to hear many inspiring stories: the way people deal with situations in their lives, stories of endurance, patience and passion. I do not deliberately set out to inspire others, but resonate with Mother Teresa’s quote – ‘not all of us can do great things, but we can do small things with love’.”

To all the recruiters leading their organisations to greatness, thank you for your progressive dedication to recruiting, to the candidates lives you change and to the meaningful impact you have on your company’s success.

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