Here are the Companies Where the World Wants to Work Now

June 20, 2016

The results are in! We just announced our inaugural Top Attractors of 2016. The list honors the companies most sought-after by professionals around the world based on billions of interactions on LinkedIn. You can see the top 40 winners globally, or across Australia, Brazil, France, India, U.K., and U.S. Congratulations to the winners!

Top Attractors share a hard-earned competitive edge: powerful employer brands that bring in top talent, and inspire them to stay. And it’s not only exciting to be a top employer, but it’s also valuable. Companies that invest in their employer brands lower their hiring costs because their good reputations amplify their ability to recruit and retain top talent. Companies that don’t invest in their employer brands end up paying for it: up to $4,700 more per employee hired.  

Most companies can’t afford that. Can yours?

Luckily you can build a strong employer brand regardless of your size, industry, and location. Let’s take a look at some facts about the Top Attractors:

Top Attractors Methodology

To determine the Top Attractors, we assessed companies on four factors:

  1. Reach: How well-known they are.

  2. Engagement: How much interaction their content receives.

  3. Job interest: How much interest their jobs generate.

  4. New hire staying power: How well they retain new hires.

We observed how much our 433M+ members discovered and engaged with these companies, applied to jobs, and whether new hires stayed after joining.  

How You Can Build a Better Employer Brand

Inspired by the Top Attractors and their best practices, we put together a tip sheet to help you improve your own employer brand. The guide includes practical advice on how to:

  • Expand your reach. Learn how to rally your employees to spread the word about your company through updated profiles, expanded networks, and content engagement.

  • Build engagement. Understand how to reach talent via Company and Career Pages and maximize engagement via content strategy, rich media, and plugins.

  • Boost interest in your jobs.  Review job description basics and see how to infuse yours with company culture to make them stand out.

  • Improve new-hire staying power. Discover how to make the candidate-to-employee transition smooth, arm your employees with new skills and knowledge, and create and highlight career advancement opportunities.

The good news is you can start building a better brand today, and most tips don’t cost a dime.

What are you waiting for? Download the tipsheet Employer Branding Essentials now.

Once again congratulations to all the Top Attractors, and thank you for the employer brand inspiration! #LinkedInTopAttractors.

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