Announcing 2017's Top Social Recruiters Across Asia Pacific

March 20, 2017

If you take a look at recruitment in a traditional sense, its definition has completely transformed in just the last decade. What used to be simply about filling an open role has evolved into a holistic, data-driven, professional networking and strategic line of work that creates real change in a business.

Put it this way - traditional recruitment is the meat and potatoes. And today, we need more than that - we need social media to ensure our meal is truly nutritious. Instead of just focusing on what fills us up, we must ingest the right vitamins and minerals to keep us healthy and ahead of the game.

Your top talent is already on social media, so as a talent acquisition professional you simply cannot afford not to be there. As highly aware talent build online perceptions about your organisation as an employer, you have to be present on social to connect the dots, utilise social intelligence and manage changes in supply and demand.

The magic lies in how social media is used to connect with talent, and no one knows this better than LinkedIn’s Top Social Recruiters, who we are proud to announce today across the Asia Pacific region. These professionals understand the importance of social media to position their EVP. They join conversations, build authentic connections, and create content to engage in relevant discussions. Without further ado, here they are:

Top 5 India

1. Manish Gupta, Orange Business Services

2. Radhika Chandan, VMware

3. Priyanka Rishi, Mckinsey & Company

4. Tripti Pathak Tripathi, Genpact

5. Abhinav Sharma, Orange Business Services

See the full list.

Top 5 Hong Kong

1. Alicia Cheung, Goldman Sachs

2. Sho Takei, Uber

3. Mignon Kwok, SAS

4. Cash Ching, Oracle

5. Michelle J. Chung, Goldman Sachs

See the full list.

Top 5 Australia and New Zealand

1. Joan Wong, Telstra

2. Courtney Roberston, Leo Burnett

3. Nicholas Fischer-White, SMEC

4. Angie Shehata, Reckitt Benckiser

5. Louise Walsh, Atlassian

See the full list.

Top 4 Southeast Asia

1. Jerome Phwa, IBM

2. Kathleen Barco, Zalora

3. Ryan Ong, NetApp

4. Kenneth Lee, Iflix

See the full list.

The best recruiters today have the ability to use the data social provides to build a strategic perspective of talent in their markets. In our recent research, talent leaders across APAC told us that they define success by candidate experience, feedback from hiring managers, and quality of candidates - and social media is enabling this by giving recruiters a multidimensional view of talent.

It’s not about simply being a professional recruiter, it’s about understanding the heartbeat of the talent marketplace. Navigating the complexities and ambiguity of talent in this culturally diverse market is absolutely key, and this must be balanced with an ability to measure success, ROI and drive a people strategy for the business.

Like I said, it’s more than the meat and potatoes. And I know we could all benefit from a more nutritious meal.

With that in mind, we are truly happy to share this year’s Top Social Recruiters across Asia Pacific! Congratulations to all the winners!

LinkedIn’s latest research of 500+ recruiters in Australia, New Zealand, India, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia found 57% said social recruiting should be a required strategy for companies looking to find success in hiring.

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