The 10 Hottest Jobs Companies Are Scrambling to Fill

December 20, 2018

With 2019 right around the corner, you might be wondering which roles will keep you busiest in the new year. And if you don't like surprises, you're in luck – we have the data. We looked at the jobs posted on LinkedIn over the last five years and determined the top 10 jobs in terms of hiring growth as part of our 2018 U.S. Emerging Jobs Report.

Number one is software engineer. “Doh!” you may say. But guess who else made the list? Recrutiers (obviously the best). After all, companies need your help filling these hot roles, among others. And all 10 positions will demand that recruiters and their companies write better job descriptions, elevate their employer brand, and enhance the overall candidate experience to differentiate themselves and engage in-demand candidates. 

Want to see what your competition is going to be up to in 2019 — and what you may be up to, too? Here are the 10 hottest jobs as measured by hiring growth:

Jobs with the Largest Hiring Growth

1. Software Engineer

  • Top Skills: Software Development, Java, SQL, JavaScript, C++
  • Companies Hiring: Red Bull, Adobe, Square

2. Account Executive

  • Top Skills: Sales Management, Social Media Marketing, Salesforce, Sales Operations, Customer Relationship Management
  • Companies Hiring: Box, VentureBeat, Snap

3. Realtor

  • Top Skills: Working with First-Time Home Buyers, Sellers, Investment Properties, Buyer Representation, Single Family Homes
  • Companies Hiring: Coldwell Banker, Century 21, Re/Max

4. Account Manager

  • Top Skills: Sales Management, Sales Operations, Customer Relationship Management, Direct Sales, Sales Process
  • Companies Hiring: Oracle, Endeavor, Google

5. Recruiter

  • Top Skills: Recruiting, Human Resources, Sourcing, Applicant Tracking Systems, Technical Recruiting
  • Companies Hiring: Dropbox, Lyft, Facebook

6. Project Manager

  • Top Skills: Construction, Construction Management, Program Management, Engineering, Business Process Improvement
  • Companies Hiring:, Airbnb, Pandora

7.  Marketing Specialist

  • Top Skills: Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Adobe Photoshop, Email Marketing, Market Research
  • Companies Hiring: Business Insider, Twitch, ipsy

8.  Real Estate Agent

  • Top Skills: Working with First-Time Home Buyers, Investment Properties, Sellers, Residential Homes, Real Estate Transactions
  • Companies Hiring: Imagine Real Estate, The Alcove Group, Jovio

9.  Product Manager

  • Top Skills: Product Management, Product Development, Cross-functional Team Leadership, Engineering, Product Marketing
  • Companies Hiring: Reddit, Pinterest, OpenTable

10. Data Scientist

  • Top Skills: Data Science, Data Mining, Data Analysis, Python, Machine Learning
  • Companies Hiring: Twilio, Greylock Partners, Stripe

First things first: Recruiters, having a hot job is pretty cool, right?

Here are some other interesting takeaways for recruiters who may soon be filling these positions — if they aren’t already:

  • Software engineers get wings. It makes sense that Adobe and Square are two of the three companies currently hiring the most software engineers. But Red Bull? While it may be the go-to drink of hard-working tech stars everywhere, why would the energy drink be rounding up software engineers? Some of them, it turns out, work for Red Bull Advanced Technology, which drives the company’s Formula One racing program. Vroooom!
  • Back to basics. Unlike software engineer, most of the jobs on the list have been around for a long time — realtor, real estate agent, account executive, account manager, product manager, project manager, marketing specialist. But the jobs themselves, and the skills they require, have often completely transformed. For example, the most frequently needed skills for marketing specialists include social media marketing, digital marketing, Adobe Photoshop, and email marketing, none of which existed during the time of Mad Men marketeers.
  • Recruiters are smokin’ hot (but you knew that). Our data show more than 8,000 current openings for recruiters across the United States, with Dropbox, Lyft, and Facebook being three notable companies recruiting recruiters. Top skills include sourcing, applicant tracking systems, and technical recruiting — companies need lots of help finding those 80,000 software engineers.

Project managers never go out of style. It’s not quite as hard to find project managers as software engineers, but there are more than 42,000 current openings for professionals with skills needed in construction, construction management, and engineering. One of the principal companies hiring project managers?, which must be building some complex sentences.


This report was created by analyzing LinkedIn Economic Graph data from 2014 to 2018.

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