The 10 Most In-Demand Entry-Level Jobs

June 4, 2020

Photo of graduate watching ceremony by video conference

The class of 2020’s entry into the workforce has been untraditional, to say the least. In-person graduation ceremonies have gone virtual, with streaming commencement speeches from luminaries like Barack Obama, Lady Gaga, and Malala Yousafzai.

With those ceremonies over, they’re stepping into an uncertain job market. But despite that uncertainty, there’s still real demand for talent in entry-level jobs across a range of roles and industries.

We analyzed LinkedIn data to find the most in-demand entry-level jobs in the U.S. by looking at which positions have seen a recent increase in job posts. 

For companies looking to fill entry-level positions, bringing in a new generation of talent can infuse your company with valuable new skills and perspectives.  

Here are the most in-demand entry-level jobs in the U.S., along with the top skills required for them, and the industries with the most open roles.

Some sectors need entry-level roles more than others  

The industries involved in COVID-19 responses in particular seem to have greater demand for the class of 2020.

Industries with the most open entry-level jobs

  1. Healthcare (240,000+ open entry-level jobs)

  2. Retail (223,000+)

  3. Software & IT Services (195,000)

  4. Corporate Services (180,000)

  5. Transportation & Logistics (110,000)

Healthcare and retail companies in particular are vying for entry-level talent, with more than 200,000 such roles open in both industries. The rising demand for these jobs is likely due to COVID-19 putting a strain on both sectors. 

Remote work may be more feasible for companies in software and IT services and corporate services, which both have nearly 200,000 open entry-level jobs.


In-demand jobs are those that had the highest growth rate from April 5 to May 2. Growth rate is measured by the change in the number of posted jobs during the last two weeks of this period (April 19 to May 2) compared to the first two weeks (April 5 to April 18). Entry-level jobs are those identified as such in job postings. 

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