The 10 Most Popular Articles Among Recruiters This Week

August 5, 2016

In case you need a stimulating read, here’s a great list for you.

We took a look at the articles staffing and corporate recruiters shared, liked, and commented on the most on LinkedIn during the last 7 days and posted them below.

Here are the top posts for this week:

1. A Senior GE Executive Explains How She Tests Job Candidates -- by Rachel Gillett

2. 10 Simple Yet Effective Ways Recruiters Can Work Better -- by Siofra Pratt

3. Winning the War on Millennial Talent in Today’s Digital Economy -- by Nick Bass

4. 12 Candidate Warning Signs For Interviewers -- by Lizzi Hart

5. Managing Great People -- by Daniel Portillo

6. 9 Reasons Why Counter Offers NEVER Work -- by Sarah Socha

7. Why Onboarding is Like Getting a New Puppy -- by Russell Thompson

8. Lack of Diversity Isn’t A Pipeline Issue -- by Sean Cervera

9. The 20 Most Common Things That Come Up During Reference Checks -- by Cynthia A. Hedricks

10. 4 Unconventional Interview Questions to Hire Original Thinkers -- by Vivian Giang

*Image by Christopher Michel

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