The 10 Must-Read Articles for Recruiters This Week

June 8, 2018

In case you need a stimulating read, here’s a great list for you.

We took a look through some of the best articles published this past week for staffing and corporate recruiters and posted them below. 

Here are the must-read posts for this week:

1. 96% of U.S. Professionals Say They Need Flexibility, but Only 47% Have It -- by Annie Dean and Anna Auerbach

2. 3 Tips for Effective Recruiting on a Limited Budget -- by Roy Maurer

3. Walmart's $1-A-Day College Play To Fend Off Competitors -- by Kori Hale

4. New Research Reveals the Biggest Driver of Employee Engagement. 3 Simple Strategies Can Help You Take Advantage -- by Adam Robinson

5. Elon Musk Has Job Openings for More Than 500 People at SpaceX — Here's Who the Rocket Company Wants to Hire -- by Dave Mosher and Andy Kiersz 

6. Companies Can Address Talent Shortages by Partnering with Educators -- by Timm Runnion and Ivana Gibson

7. Unemployment Rate Matches Historic Low as 223,000 Jobs Added in May

8. Queen Elizabeth is Hiring a Pastry Chef — But You'll Need a Totally Unrelated Skill if You Want the Job -- by Tom Murray

9. How to Tell if a Job Candidate’s Ability Matches Their Resume -- by Scott Wintrip

10. Every Recruiter Needs This CEO's Crude Hiring Catchphrase in Their Life -- by Jared Smith

*Photo by Ashley Knedler on Unsplash

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