The 10 Must-Read Articles for Recruiters This Week

September 28, 2018

In case you need a stimulating read, here’s a great list for you on a range of topics important for talent leaders.

We took a look through some of the best articles published this past week for staffing and corporate recruiters and posted them below. The following articles focus on how to give seasonal hires a good candidate experience, why AI can making recruiting more human, whether or not psychometric testing works when hiring, and more.

Here are the must-read posts for this week:

1. The Good, the Bad and the Not-So-Ugly Reality of Group Chat in the Workplace -- by Mike Hicks

2. How to Maintain a Good Candidate Experience During Seasonal Hiring -- by Riia O'Donnell

3. How AI Makes Recruiting More Human -- by Steven Jiang

4. Are Today's Diversity and Inclusion Efforts Really Moving the Needle? -- by Lucy Rivas-Enriquez

5. California Enacts New Law Responding to Federal OSHA Changes -- by Benjamin Ebbink

6. 6 Tips to Create a Compliant Unpaid Internship Program -- by Randy Pennington

7. Automation’s Relationship to Top-of-Funnel Hiring -- by Jeanette Maister

8. Are Psychometric Assessments Still Relevant in Recruitment? -- by Ryan Leary

9. What 13 Moms Wish They Knew Their First Week Back From Maternity Leave -- by Lindsay Tigar

10. LinkedIn Talent Insights Gives You the Real-Time, Accurate Talent Data You Need -- by Eric Owski

*Photo by Steven Hanna on Unsplash

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