The 10 Must-Read Articles for Recruiters This Week

November 15, 2019

If your company’s struggling to articulate that perfect purpose statement, look no further than IKEA. According to a Harvard Business Review story in this week’s list of our must-read articles for talent professionals, the Swedish furniture company’s statement hits all the right notes, avoids cliches and meaningless buzz words, and answers the question that increasingly mission-focused workers are asking their employers: “Why are we here?”

Also on our list, you can read about an argument for hiring a team like you’d choose your stock portfolio, news from California of some disappointing findings about women's earnings and careers after taking paid maternity leave, and a possible solution to income inequality in the United States. (Hint: pay people for their actual ability and don’t assume that top earners are also the most-skilled.) And if you’re using artificial intelligence in your hiring process, don’t miss the piece about the potential legal ramifications of biased algorithms.

Here are the must-read posts for this week:

1. If People Were Paid by Ability, Inequality Would Plummet

2. How the Google Walkout Transformed Tech Workers Into Activists

3. Why Talent Developers Are the Most Important People in Your Company

4. A Surprising Finding on Paid Leave: ‘This Is Not the Way We Teach This’

5. AI Hiring Could Mean Robot Discrimination Will Head to Courts

6. Why Are We Here?

7. The Paralysis of Depression in the Workplace

8. Job Market Is Tougher for Recent College Grads Than All Workers

9. Why Hiring Is a Lot Like Picking Stocks

10. The 5 Tech Tools That Will Have the Biggest Impact on the Future of Recruiting

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* Photo by Robert Baker on Unsplash