The 10 Must-Read Articles for Recruiters This Week

September 20, 2019

In this week’s list of our must-read articles for talent professionals, we take some time to revisit some old stories — both true-to-life and fictional. There’s a check-in with the couple who landed a dream gig that became unusually competitive when the role's job description went viral, plus a look back at the 90s sitcom Friends and how the show’s characters (including Chandler Bing) predicted a shift in how many Americans view work and identity.

But if nostalgia and the past aren’t your thing, there’s also plenty in the list to move you forward into the future. With email read rates plummeting down to 20% compared to texts at 98%, check out the argument for why we should be interviewing more with our thumbs. Meanwhile Lesbians Who Tech are finding new ways to diversify Silicon Valley’s workforce, HR leaders are letting go to get a seat at the table, and the New York Times does an interactive deep dive into “workplace user behavior” — or “how we love and hate to go to work.”

Here are the must-read posts for this week:

1. Hiring for Culture Fit Doesn’t Have to Undermine Diversity

2. Sunday Strategist: Your Company Should Let You Work From Anywhere

3. ‘Just Text Me’: Job Interviews by Today’s Preferred Communication Tool

4. The Office: An In-Depth Analysis of Workplace User Behavior

5. Remember That Viral Lighthouse Job? They Got It

6. 'Let It Break': How HR Can Stop Putting Out Fires and Think Strategically

7. The Top Startups of 2019: Companies Around the Globe That Are Disrupting Industries and Attracting Talent

8. Silicon Valley Sucks at Diverse Hiring. Lesbians Who Tech Wants to Change That

9. How Employers Can Help Working Parents During Back-to-School Season

10. On Chandler Bing's Job

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* Photo by McKayla Crump on Unsplash