The 10 Must-Read Articles for Recruiters This Week

August 2, 2019

If you’re looking for a stimulating read, here’s a great list for you. We found some of the best recent articles published for talent professionals and posted them below. They cover a wide range of topics, including why paid leave policies shouldn't just be for new parents and how a pizza-party planning service is a sign of the rise of remote workers.

Here are the must-read posts for this week:

1. It Isn’t Just New Parents Who Deserve Paid Leave — by Lila MacLellan

2. Tech Companies Say It's Too Hard to Hire High-Skilled Immigrants in the U.S. — So They're Growing in Canada Instead — by Alana Semuels

3. Extreme Work Cults, 15-Hour Weeks and Nordic CEO Vacation Habits — by Hanna Hoikkala, Niclas Rolander & Leo Laikola

4. Tiny Apartments and Punishing Work Hours: The Economic Roots of Hong Kong’s Protests — by Alexandra Stevenson & Jin Wu

5. The Debate Over How to Classify Gig Workers Is Missing the Bigger Picture — by Orly Lobel

6. Anonymous Workplace Harassment Suits Double in #MeToo Era — by Erin Mulvaney & Hassan A. Kanu

7. 14 Years After the ‘Hate HR’ Article, Have You Become Strategic? — by Paul Mastrangelo

8. Here’s How Your Word Choices Could Affect Hiring Gender-Diverse Talent — by Sarah O'Brien

9. New Rule to Encourage Retirement Plans by Smaller Companies Coming Soon — by Andrew Ackerman & Sarah Chaney

10. The Arrival of a Pizza-Party Planning Service for Remote Workers Is a Sign of the Times — by Michelle Cheng

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* Photo by Madara Parma on Unsplash