The 10 Must-Read Articles for Recruiters This Week

February 7, 2020

Photo of church ruins in York, UK

There’s plenty to digest and think about in this week’s list of must-read articles for talent professionals. Among the 10 stories listed below, learn why younger Britons aren’t leaving their jobs despite stereotypes of 20-somethings being eager job-jumpers; check out the findings of a report that’s busting some common myths about how Millennials and Generation Z work; find out which large American metropolis is losing the most jobs (plus which are gaining); read why the pronoun “they” should be important to your company’s diversity and inclusion efforts; and if you’re in the tech industry, pick up some tactics to help you achieve your hiring goals in an increasingly tight labor market.

And if you’re looking for a lighter note on your Friday, check out The Wall Street Journals’ battle of two princes: William or Harry? Who would you rather work for and how does your choice reflect how you would hire a leader? Read the article to learn more and be sure to take the interactive quiz to find out if your own leadership style leans more toward “reliable” William or “maverick” Harry.

Here are the must-read posts for this week:

1. Before You Hire from the Competition, Read This

2. 5 Things We Can Learn from Kobe Bryant's Legacy

3. Coronavirus Forces World's Largest Work-from-Home Experiment

4. How You Can Avoid the Biggest Employee Experience Mistake

5. They: A Pronoun at Work

6. Young Britons Are Staying in Jobs for Longer

7. NYC Earns an Unwanted Honor: Biggest Loser of Jobs in 2019

8. People: What's Keeping Tech Firms from Meeting Their Growth Targets

9. Misunderstood Generations: What Millennials and Gen Z Actually Think About Work

10. Two Princes: Would You Rather Work for William or Harry?

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* Photo by Michael D Beckwith on Unsplash