The 10 Must-Read Articles for Recruiters This Week

February 14, 2020

A new study out of Australia has a pointer for anyone looking to make a career change (and for recruiters looking to expand their talent pool in a tight labor market): Don’t worry about skills and experience so much, as it’s personality that’s the best indicator of whether a shift into a new industry will be smooth sailing or if it will hit rocky shores. Certified financial planners, the research suggests, could make good e-commerce managers, burnt out school superintendents could make the switch to wedding planning, and for all the art dealers out there, don’t discount that open role for public health director. Learn more about the study in our list below of this week’s must-read articles for talent professionals.

Also on our list, find out why businesses with under 20 employees are struggling to find good employees, get some tips to help “disrupt” and modernize HR, learn why retirement will look so different for the next generation of workers, and get a better understanding of an often marginalized candidate: workers who quit their last job.

Here are the must-read posts for this week:

1. Where Are All the Women CEOs?

2. It's Time to Disrupt Human Resources if We Want Talent Fit for the Digital Age

3. Fear of MeToo Hasn’t Stopped Bosses From Dating Their Underlings

4. The End of Retirement

5. A Guide for the Ages: What You Need to Know to Attract a Multigenerational Workforce

6. Quitting a Job Does Not Make You a Failure

7. Smallest U.S. Firms Struggle to Find Workers

8. 7 HR Tech Startups Transforming a Very Human Industry

9. In Turbulent Times, Companies Can Look to Cities For Survival Strategies

10. The Best Way to Change Your Job Is to Focus on Your Personality

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* Photo by Dimitry Anikin from Pexels