The 10 Must-Read Articles for Recruiters This Week

March 13, 2020

In this week’s list of our must-read articles for talent professionals, we’re providing you with more information to help with the challenges that you, your team, and your company may be facing amid coronavirus. Below you can find tips for managing a remote workforce and best etiquette practices when working from home, plus news on a possible paid sick leave policy in the U.S. and how a German company addressed the virus in its own ranks.

Also on our list, learn how the latest wave of Millennial managers is changing the workplace; reach back to HR predictions from 2010; get a peek inside the toxic culture at a well-known apparel company; and get inspired by the story of a woman who overcame discrimination and sexual harassment to become a leader in a traditionally male-dominated industry.

Here are the must-read posts for this week:

1. Lead Your Business Through the Coronavirus Crisis (Harvard Business Review)

2. Millennials Are Managers Now: How Younger Generations Are Shaping the Workplaces They Increasingly Run (Zapier Blog)

3. Tips for Managing a Remote Workforce During Coronavirus — and Beyond (Talent Blog)

4. Hindsight Is 2020: What Leaders Got Right in 2010 — And What They Missed (HR Dive)

5. The Company That Fought the Coronavirus and Won (The Wall Street Journal)

6. Outdoor Voices Became A Staple For Millennial Cool Girls Thanks To Its Chill Aesthetic. Employees Say They Were Drowning. (Buzzfeed)

7. EU Revives Plans for Mandatory Quotas of Women on Company Boards (The Guardian)

8. Coronavirus and Congress: Paid Sick Leave Looking More Likely (The San Francisco Chronicle)

9. Coronavirus and the Etiquette of Working from Home (The Financial Times)

10. In a Field Dominated by Men, She’s in Charge (The New York Times)

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* Photo by Hannah Wright on Unsplash