The 10 Must-Read Articles for Recruiters This Week

March 27, 2020

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If you’re struggling with your ideal work from home setup, you’re not alone. In one of our must-read articles for talent professionals featured below, you can find out why even top executives at companies ranging from Slack and Cisco to Salesforce and Pfizer are having trouble with the quick pivot to remote work. Issues include spotty WiFi coverage, lowered productivity, bickering kids, and meetings hosted live from a laundry room. Sound familiar?

Also on our list, you can learn why great CHROs and chief people officers may be the key to navigating the challenges of the coronavirus. You’ll also find leadership tips for times of crisis, an example of generosity and empathy to employees from a well-known tech company, a case for why these difficult times have a greater impact on women than men, and pointers for creating an effective online relationship between recruiters and hiring managers when you’re both working from a home office — or a laundry room.

Here are the must-read articles for this week:

1. Logged On from the Laundry Room: How the CEOs of Google, Pfizer and Slack Work from Home (The New York Times)

2. Facebook Gives Employees Extra $1,000 and Good Reviews Amid Coronavirus (The Wall Street Journal)

3. The Coronavirus Crisis Thrusts Corporate HR Chiefs into the Spotlight (The Economist)

4. How CEOs Can Lead a Data-Driven Culture (Harvard Business Review)

5. How to Build an Effective Recruiter/Hiring Manager Relationship When You’re Both Working from Home (LinkedIn Talent Blog)

6. The Wing Is a Women’s Utopia. Unless You Work There (The New York Times)

7. Before the Coronavirus, Telework Was an Optional Benefit, Mostly for the Affluent Few (Pew Research Center)

8. How COVID-19 Is Impacting Hiring Around the World (LinkedIn)

9. The Coronavirus Is a Disaster for Feminism (The Atlantic)

10. Are You Leading Through the Crisis … or Managing the Response? (Harvard Business Review)

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* Photo by Leon Liu on Unsplash