The 10 Must-Read Articles for Recruiters This Week

July 3, 2020

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If you’ve caught yourself waving madly at your colleagues at the end of every video meeting, you’re not alone. As an article from CNN highlights, many Twitter users have noted this phenomenon: “Why do I feel compelled to WAVE at the end of Zoom calls?” asks one user. “I have literally never walked out of a meeting room WAVING." To learn why we feel compelled to wave with such gusto, check out CNN’s article in our list of must-read stories for talent professionals below.

Looking further at our list, you can also read about the rise and fall of #Girlboss; the resources needed to make black employee resource groups successful; the data behind a rise in candidate searches for “remote work” in the U.K., and another cautionary tale of why working from home may not be here to stay.

Here are the must-read articles for this week:

1. Young Americans Struggle to Find Jobs, Internships This Summer (Bloomberg News)

2. What Black Employee Resource Groups Need Right Now (Harvard Business Review)

3. Texas Tried Reopening Offices Early. It Was Hard Even Before the Coronavirus Surge (The Wall Street Journal)

4. The Girlboss Has Left the Building (The Atlantic)

5. Searches for ‘Remote Work’ Increase Significantly During COVID-19 (The Undercover Recruiter)

6. 4 Steps LGBTQ+ Employees Say Companies Can Take to Be More Inclusive (LinkedIn Talent Blog)

7. The Long, Unhappy History of Working From Home (The New York Times)

8. Prepare for Returning to the Workplace 2020 (Culture First)

9. Pay Black Employees Based on Their Performance, Not Your Bias (Fast Company)

10. Why We Can't Stop Waving at the End of Video Calls (CNN)

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