The 10 Must-Read Articles for Recruiters This Week

July 17, 2020

Illustration of man working from home with laptop

Working parents are finding creative ways to carve out time and space as they balance their work duties and childcare. One mom says her husband has employed the following tactic: “He’s not only locked the office door but barricaded the sofa in front of it to get stuff done. Otherwise the kids pop in every two seconds.”

Find that article from The Atlantic, which highlights the struggles of parents working from home during the pandemic, below in our list of must-read stories for talent professionals. And you can also find a piece that highlights a benefit of the shift to remote work: WFH may do wonders for your company’s inclusion efforts and the emotional well-being of your employees.

And if you’re looking for other great reads, be sure to check out articles tackling the benefits of HR and Sales working more closely together; the challenges facing chief diversity officers; the struggles with Lysol in reopened offices; and more.

Here are the must-read articles for this week:

1. This Isn’t Sustainable for Working Parents (The Atlantic)

2. HR and Sales Need Each Other More Than Ever (TLNT)

3. 22 Examples of Awesome Diversity Goals (OnGig)

4. As Offices Reopen Amid Coronavirus, Workers Clash Over Masks, Cubicle Barriers and Lysol (The Wall Street Journal)

5. 6 Tactics for Effectively Building Diversity and Inclusion (LinkedIn Talent Blog)

6. How Much Money Americans Actually Make (The New York Times)

7. How the WFH Revolution Can Actually Improve Inclusion and Emotional Well-Being (Fast Company)

8. Demand for Chief Diversity Officers Is High. So Is Turnover (The Wall Street Journal)

9. Five Growing Post-COVID Industries and Where Their Jobs Are (MarketWatch)

10. Stop Asking Job Candidates for Their Salary History (Harvard Business Review)

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