The 10 Must-Read Articles for Recruiters This Week

August 21, 2020

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With summer quickly winding down, there is a big question that parents and educators are struggling to answer: Is it safe for kids to return to the classroom? And if not, what does that mean for working parents?

“Five months into this new reality, things have gotten worse for working parents — much worse” writes Sarahjane Sacchetti for Benefit News. “Findings from a recent study,” she continues, show "only about 35% of families reported they have some form of childcare coverage (compared to 50% in April).” Because of this,“1 in 3 families have a parent that has either left the workforce, or dropped down to part-time (in 70% of the cases, this was the female partner/mother).”

Sarahjane goes on to share how companies of all sizes can support parents during this time – especially if their kids do not return to school. We also shared examples of ways companies are aiding working parents on the Talent Blog this week.

Also on our list of must-read articles this week, learn how more companies are adopting the 4-day work week due to the pandemic, strategies that employers can implement to advance Black women in corporate America, and more:

Here are the must-read articles for this week:

1. Rethinking AI Talent Strategy As Automated Machine Learning Comes of Age (McKinsey)

2. Companies Strain to Outdo Each Other with Work-from-Home Perks (Think Ukuleles) (The Wall Street Journal)

3. Surprising COVID-19 side effect: More companies adopt the 4-day workweek (Fast Company)

4. Is Your Organization Ready for Permanent WFH? (Harvard Business Review)

5. Labor Market: Reverse Migration Will Pose Recruiting Challenges (ERE)

6. The State of Black Women in Corporate America (Inc.)

7. The Most In-Demand Jobs Right Now  (Talent Blog)

8. Out Of Office: A Survey of Our New Work Lives (The New York Times)

9. The Working Parent Crisis is Getting Worse — Here’s How Employers Can Creatively Support Their Caregivers Now (Benefit News)

10. 8 Tactics For Conducting Courageous Workplace Conversations About Race (Forbes)

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