The 10 Must-Read Articles for Recruiters This Week

October 23, 2020

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In the past, competition for talent and the economy have followed a fairly predictable pattern: when the economy is booming, competition for talent heats up and it becomes a “candidate’s market.” And when we hit an economic downturn, the opposite is true – it becomes an “employer’s market," with job seekers competing for fewer jobs and employers holding the upper hand. 

But while this cycle makes sense, a new HBR article argues that today’s situation is much more complex. “Several factors indicate that this downturn is different,” it writes. “And there are warning signs that hiring managers dusting off 2008’s hiring playbook may destroy considerable value for their firms.” The article goes on to share how employers should be thinking about the current job market and what it means for their talent strategy.

Also on our list of must-read articles this week, HubSpot’s chief people officer discusses how companies can build a culture that is inclusive for both in-office and remote employees, ERE takes a look at data points that can help measure quality of hire, and more:

Here are the must-read articles for this week:

1. Why Hiring During Covid Is Different Than in Previous Downturns (HBR)

2. HubSpot’s Katie Burke on building an inclusive hybrid culture (Silicon Republic)

3. The Failure of Traditional Hiring Metrics (ERE)

4. Monitoring Remote Employees Says More About You Than Your People (and It’s Not Good) (TLNT)

5. Why ‘Blind’ Hiring Doesn’t Work to Eliminate Bias (Fast Company)

6. The Future of Recruiting: 6 Predictions on How COVID-19 Will Transform Hiring (Talent Blog)

7. Women Leaving Work Due To COVID: How We Can We Stop The Exodus (Forbes)

8. After the Pandemic, a Revolution in Education and Work Awaits (New York Times)

9. 76% of American CEOs Say They May Shrink Office Space (Fortune)

10. ‘Most Administrative HR Roles Will Be Automated in the Next Few Rears’: As Workplace Tech Evolves, HR and Tech Officer Roles Merge (Digiday)

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