The 10 Must-Read Articles for Recruiters This Week

September 18, 2020

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“If you saw ‘employer branding’ as a means to attract more great people, what happens now, if your recruitment volumes have gone down?”

This is the question Sandy Vossos, Director at BrandPointZero, poses in the first article on our list of must-reads this week. She goes on to suggest that, in the current climate, your employer brand is “almost completely dependent on how you treat your people."

“If they were furloughed, how did you keep in touch? If you kept your people on, how are you communicating the very sensitive subject of whether their jobs are still safe? If you’re bringing people back, how are you reassuring them their health is safe? How are you handling pay and benefits, when company performance might be struggling?" she writes. She suggests that companies should thoughtfully consider each of these actions right now, as they will influence their reputation as an employer.

Also on our list of articles this week, ERE discusses what companies should take into consideration when thinking about adjusting pay for remote workers, eBay shares what they learned about working with Gen Z during its virtual summer internship, and more.

Here are the must-read articles for this week:

1. Employer Brand: What Does It Mean in the Current Climate? (HR Zone)

2. How Amazon Automated Work and Put Its People to Better Use (Harvard Business Review)

3. Leaders Must Commit to Change if Diversity is to Work (Financial Times)

4. Should You Adjust Pay for Remote Employees? (ERE)

5. IT Giant Infosys Ramps up Hiring for Candidates Without College Degrees (Employee Benefit News)

6. The Most In-Demand Jobs Right Now (Talent Blog)

7. How to Use Executive Search Recruitment Practices to Foster Diversity and Inclusion in Your Workforce (Entrepreneur)

8. Facebook is Hiring a Director of Remote Work as it Plans for a More Permanent Shift to Working from Home (Business Insider)

9. What our Virtual Summer Internship Taught Us About Nurturing the Next Generation (Fast Company)

10. Anti-Racism Conversations Should Not Be Easy (TLNT)

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