The 10 Must-Read Articles for Recruiters This Week

November 20, 2020

Image of woman working from home and looking at her phone

In yet another sign that the shift to a tetherless workforce is here to stay, Facebook has announced it’s creating a new position: director of remote work. “We need people to be successful whether they’re at the office or not,” Brynn Harrington, vice president of people growth at Facebook, tells Fast Company. “We need to be able to enable teams to work connected in a unified experience. This person will be responsible for defining what it will look like to work at Facebook, leading a broad transformation of culture.”

To learn more details and to get a peek at the role’s job description, look for the Fast Company article at the top of our list below. Scan the list too for an explanation of why hiring managers feel recruiters don’t understand their struggles; a prediction that millennials will get something that they’ve long been clamoring for; a look at why U.S. managers may be particularly curious about their reports’ Thanksgiving plans; and the backstory behind a historic hire in the world of professional sports.

Here are the must-read articles for this week:

1. More Companies Are Hiring a ‘Director of Remote Work’ (Fast Company)

2. Will Millennials Finally Get the Workplace They Want? (Gallup)

3. A Way Forward for Working Parents (Harvard Business Review)

4. Recruiter Realness: ‘Recruiters Don’t Understand Our Day-to-Day Struggles’ (ERE)

5. 4 Ways Recruiting Budgets Will Change Over the Next Year (LinkedIn Talent Blog)

6. Ask These Questions to Find Out If You’re Hiring a Good Human (Not Just a Smart One) (Fast Company)

7. Your Boss Wants to Know: What Are You Doing for Thanksgiving? (The Wall Street Journal)

8. Deutsche Bank Research: Tax Home Workers ‘To Help Those Who Cannot’ (BBC)

9. LinkedIn Top Voices 2020: Job Search & Careers (LinkedIn)

10. Miami Marlins GM Kim Ng: Historic Hire Gives ‘Glimmer of Hope’ to Many (ESPN)

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